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Testing your Guides.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Winston Churchill

A parasite can not live alone.

African (Ovambo) Proverb

A half-truth is a whole lie.

Jewish Proverb

If you get side tracked listening to entities it will slow your progress. The oldest and wisest sages say to pay no attention to the phenomena along the path. This is sage, safe advice, but often difficult for westerners to take. We are too curious. If you choose to pay attention to the entities, results could be embarrassing at the least, and disastrous at the worst. How many times have you heard of the homicidal psycho who says, the voices or God told them to do it? Yikes, don't go there.

I sometimes observe a funny sort of one-up man ship among some new agers. Who has the most guides, and whose guides have the fanciest names and titles... this is all very silly. Illusion. When it comes to guides, quality is essential, and quantity does not mean a thing! What the boasters are really saying, is how many different critters have persuaded them to hand their internal, essential Divine power of free will over. How gullible they are, and how widely they are enslaved...

Many types of critters who may appear claiming to be guides, are simply not worth the energy of your attention. They are self centered entities who will use fear, flattery, fancy titles and prophecies of doom, to persuade you to direct your power towards their own agendas.

This is how people sometimes find themselves on a mountain top, having given away all their possessions, waiting for the Lightships to come save them from Armageddon... Most entities feed on emotional energy, and the more they can get you riled up, the bigger the buffet... and of course they will often want you to start some sort of cult or movement so you will bring more people for them to feast on, that way they can impress their buddies by inviting them to a human energy smorgasbord.

Your emotional energy is their food. Without it they cannot continue to exist. They are parasites, and they may use flattery, predictions, warnings, or pranks to provoke your emotional reactions. Some entities may go on and on about how unique and special you are.

Yes, we are all special and unique, in Goddess eyes, ... regardless of who we are and what we do! Infinite manifestation creates uniqueness, and all of creation is special, loved, cherished... from the smallest pebble to the greatest leader.

Integrating that, actually leads to humility, not self aggrandizement. When you really begin to feel how much you are loved by the Divine, unconditionally, no matter what you say or do... there is no need to build yourself up with stories of your specialness. Simply Being, is enough. More blissful and radiant than self esteem via any other method, could ever be.

Entities, (and some professional psychics who channel entities!) may give you fancy titles or famous past lives so you will pay attention to them. Where your attention goes, your energy goes, so flattering you that you are Napoleon or Cleopatra reincarnated, is a way for them to feed on your energy, if you believe it.

Funny, too how the entities tend to stick with what works. I've lost track of how many people have told me their guides said they had been "Keeper of the temple in Atlantis"... It means they were the janitor, I think! The Atlantis temple must have needed a lot of staff to do the cleaning up, like Disneyland...

Beware of guides, human or discarnate, who want to give you a fancy title, and tell you that you have some special mission to save the world. Believing it, is the path to Kundalini psychosis. They may use flattery to get your attention and persuade you to invest your time and energy into their personal agendas. Usually a closer look into their preaching reveals a decidedly fear based paradigm, or limits that do not truly exist.

Appearances can be deceiving. Just because an entity or guide looks pretty, all glowy and nice, does not mean they have your highest good in mind. There is an old story of a spiritual teacher: a lovely radiant female spirit, crowned and clothed in light appeared to him and said "you can have success or happiness, but not both. Which will you choose?" The teacher said "you're WRONG!" and banished the entity... and went on to have happiness *and* success!

On the other hand, sometimes entities that appear very dark and scary at first, turn into angels if you can love them unconditionally. The scary appearance is to give you the option to exercise your free will choice to love or fear. They are a reflection of your own fears, and loving them releases the fear blockage within you.

There is a place for compassion, certainly but much of what is called compassion is more about projections of what someone else needs! Sometimes the fear may be hard to discern; "The road to hell is paved with Good Intentions." If the mission you are given is about what someone else needs, that is one clue.

On the higher chakra levels of perception, All is One and there is no-one else. All that you see, is yourself reflected. What you think someone else needs, is more about what you think you need.

The genuine guides know, "Change the world by changing inside yourself."

The even wiser ones know, that the world does not need changing, everything is unfolding as it should. True spiritual beings know that the world is perfect in Goddess' eyes, and all is Goddess so what needs to be "saved?"

If the entities are giving you predictions of the future, chuck them into the Light. Truly Divine beings know that the power is in the Now, and predictions that take you out of the moment, do not serve. Occasionally the Heart may offer some clues about the future, but rarely.

If the entities are very judgmental, boot them into the Light. If they are telling you that someone is evil, ditto. Unconditional love does not judge. It sees with eyes of compassion, and finds something lovable or at least sympathetic, about everyone, even history's most notorious villains.

Sending entities into the light is very easy, I have dozens of methods. For beginners, the entity clearing works best, but simply asking your Guardian Angels to take the entities into the light works very well. On the chakra level universes of duality, there are boundaries and individuality. Every animal it's territory and home, and the right and power to defend its space. You have a Divine Right to be sovereign in yourself, and Angels will be the enforcers of that, if you ask them.

I have encountered entities, especially ghosts, that try to convince me that they are not supposed to go into the light yet, that there are still things they must do. Don't believe a word of it. Send them all into the light and let Goddess sort them out. Goddess has it handled. The truly worthy beings will not resist, and will not be offended at your caution. They can take a trip into the light and enjoy it, and come right back to thank you.

It is important to test the guidance and the voices that you hear. The still small voice within will never ask you to do any thing that would hurt anyone, or cause them harm... including yourself. It is a voice of love. It will never give you scary warnings, it will never lie to you. It may sometimes give you predictions of the future, but generally not, because it knows that staying "in the moment" is more important. If you ever get questionable advice from your heart voice do not hesitate to do the entity clearing on yourself as many times as you need to.

It is very important that you be grounded when you are talking to the still small voice of the heart, otherwise you may very well hear instead the fearful voice of your own ego. You've already been listening to your ego for most of your life, probably you are tired of hearing it. Tired of the hamster wheel of your own thoughts going round and round, and that wheel motivates you to seek the peace that is to be found in stillness.

Sometimes the advice of the heart voice can be confusing, sometimes it may say things that will unground you, because you it will will react emotionally, but usually if you can stay grounded and ask enough questions you will get to a place of clarity and insights.

For example, the heart voice may tell you that you are Christ... This very typically happens, at a certain phase of awakening, and it can be very destabilizing for some people who invent their own interpretation instead of asking the Heart for more clarity.

Quite a few psychos have heard this and gone off on some disastrous messiah mission, resulting in events like Waco. If you stay grounded and ask for more information, you may learn that Jesus was an embodiment of heart chakra unconditional love, and he himself said, that the same potential he manifested, is within us all. The heart is the center of the Christ-consciousness, which is the light of compassion and unconditional love. The "second coming", is all of us, growing into greater love and understanding.

You are All that Is, Christ and Hitler, both... but which will you choose to manifest? Hitler probably heard it too, he believed himself to be the "German messiah." Certainly at the beginning of his leadership, Hitler did some good things for Germany, like inventing the Volkswagon... he got much crazier, later, although the insane beginnings were present, potential in his book, "Mein Kamph."

On that subject, one needs to be careful of human guides, too. Kundalini awakening is not always a clear road to enlightenment. There are many casualties along the way. Sadly, many fall into the trap of psychosis, typically believing that they are somehow specially chosen to lead some great mission.

Because of the amazing charisma that is part of awakening, some psychotics may drag quite a few others along with them. Hitler was awakened, and his charisma could make women faint and grown men weep, when he spoke... he dragged a whole country along with him, and after the war many Germans snapped out of the trance and felt like they were waking from a long, bad dream. He is a human embodiment of my previous warnings about entities, with all his noise about the superior, special Aryans and their right to rule the world, for the good of the world, and at any cost.

The heart voice will never lie, and can always be trusted, but first you have to make certain that what you are hearing, really is the genuine Heart voice. I have cleared more entities and ghosts of people's heart chakras then I care to count. Most often, it is ghosts who took up residence there by invitation, when you were a child. Sometimes, a heart full of entities will choose to be silent, instead of allowing the unworthy to speak. Better no guidance, than bad guidance that lies.

Test your guidance by sending it into the light. If it is the true heart voice then it will remain, you cannot remove it, it is a part of you. If you are hearing a ghost or and entity, it is very easy to clear. I can only think of one occasion where found a voice that could not be removed easily. One out of thousands, and even that one eventually came around to be transmuted, when it was loved enough.

Love is all that is. However beings that are polluted with fear sometimes do not know that they are love. Probably you are not entirely convinced that you are love either, so it is easy to see how other beings might share the same confusion.

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