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The Heart Voice.

Ghandi said, "the still small voice within is the only tyrant I will accept". That becomes true for most Kundalini awakened people. We cannot be controlled because we only will obey that one Master. The opening of the heart chakra is important for learning to get in touch with the still small voice that is the voice of Divine guidance within you.

The chakras are actually in the spine, but it's easier to imagine them as just being inside of your chest next your heart. Some people imagine this ball of light as being white; more often they see it as being green or pink. It does not really matter what color you imagine it. White is good to begin with because that's the light we've been working with so far.

If you are very grounded and well-balanced, I want you turn your attention to this light, and I want you to say hello to it. "Hello ball of light in my chest!" And after you've said hello, I want you to distract yourself from making up an answer. Now the way that you do that is to focus on your breathing, and focus on your tingling feet. We cannot stop ourselves from thinking about something. If you try not to think about zebras, then you'll just have zebras dancing in your head all over the place, so you won't be able to not think of zebras. If you want to not think of something, what you really have to do, is think of something else, to substitute another thought.

The heart voice is a very subtle effect. It's a voice that's neither male nor female, neither loud nor soft. It's a gentle voice. It's a compassionate voice, but you have to focus to hear it. You have to focus, and you have to detach. Breathe, focus on your feet. Focusing on your feet checks your grounding. Make sure they're still tingling.

If you're not grounded, do not even try to talk to the heart voice, because you will get bullshit noise from your ego instead, and you don't want your life to be guided by that. It is absolutely important that you only try to speak to the heart voice when you are grounded and free from fear.

Focus on the ball of light, and ask it if its love is unconditional. Breathe, feel your feet. You may get an answer in words that you hear coming up from the back of your mind, or you might actually hear it coming from your heart. You may get a feeling. Some people who don't get a voice right away, will instead get body responses. "Yes" is usually a warm feeling around your heart, and "no" is usually a bad feeling in your stomach. You know, that gut reaction when something is not going to work. That's your body talking to you. That's important to know.

Remain grounded, and ask your heart voice if you are perfect. Stay grounded and listen. This is a scary question to a lot of people, so you have to stay grounded for this one. Ask the voice if you are perfect. Ask it if you have always been perfect, In its eyes. Ask It if It has always loved you. Listen, breathe, feel your feet.

I also want you to ask it by what term or name you should refer to it as. I refer to it as the heart voice. In my many years of opening heart chakras for people, I've gotten a list of names for It as long as your arm. Now, normally it calls itself as Light, Love, The Infinite, God, Goddess, Spirit, Your Soul, Energy, Creativity. It gives itself terms like that, generally that are formless.

If your inner light tells you that its name is Bob, or Mary or Zarcon, or something else other than some term that is a synonym for "All That Is", then you may be dealing with an entity. If it told you that you are not unconditionally loved, that you are not perfect, that you have not always been perfect, then you're not dealing with the genuine inner voice. If it sounds like your Mother or your neighbor, or you can define if it is male or female, then that is not the heart voice. If it expresses emotions like sarcasm, scorn or need, then it is not the heart voice. If it is very loud, not soft and peaceful, then it is not the heart voice. If it sounds like a choir of angels, then it is not the heart voice. Accept no substitutes! That's how we test it.

An entity is not anything big or scary, don't get your panties in a knot! Most of the entities that I take out of people are quite simply just ghosts. Sometimes they are invisible friends from childhood. Sometimes they're long-departed grandparents. Whoever they are, they're not the inner voice, and it is very easy to clear them, peel them all away so that you can get the genuine heart voice to come through clearly. If you did not get positive answers to all of these questions, go on to the page, "How to Clear Entities" and repeat the clearing exercise as many times as you need to, to clear all the entities out of your heart chakra.

The heart voice is limitless infinite wisdom and love. You can ask the heart voice about anything and you will get an answer. It may not tell you everything: Usually it won't predict the future, simply because it knows that predictions would distract your focus from the Here and Now. Goddess likes surprise parties. We're not really meant to know too much of what happens, because then we adjust our behavior to get different reactions, and end up going down a different path. The future is not so fixed.

When you're grounded, you're in the moment. You're in the here and now, and it's in the here and now that you have the point of power to change the past or future if it's meant to be changed, or if it's going to be changed. So don't worry too much about asking the heart voice about predictions. You can ask It about yourself. You can ask It about the people you love. You can ask It about anything. It may not always give you an answer. It may tell you you're not ready to hear some mysteries yet, but It will always tell the truth. If it's the genuine "still small voice within", Its knowledge is infinite. It is here to guide you.

The heart voice is the inner Guru. Awakening it and getting to hear It is very important. If you're feeling it instead of hearing It, that's perfectly alright. It may also give you feelings, visions, or mental pictures to illustrate It's comments.

Sometimes people get no voice or response because their heart is too blocked, or because there are too many entities in the heart and it is better to hear nothing than to get bullshit and think it is guidance. Do the entity clearing a dozen times, then try again

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