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Prana and Shakti.

There are only two kinds of energy. One which is the air energy, which is referred to as chi, or ki, or prana, and then there's also the Kundalini Shakti energy, which is the energy of cosmic consciousness.

If you have an open third eye, you can actually see the prana particles in the air. You may have noticed sometimes if you look at a bright blue sky, snow, or if you look at the air around a tree, there's a lot of tiny swirling comets that seem to wink in and out of existence. Those are prana particles, and the trees make them out of sunlight. That's why humans feel good in the forest, because we need the chi of trees, and that's why we need the trees.

Science may try to tell you that what you are seeing is the blood moving through the back of your eyes. However, if you observe the phenomena for yourself, you will notice that there are more prana sparkles around a tree than a building or telephone pole. More sparkles around a charged magical oject than around a mundane item. More prana in a forest than a shopping mall. You may also notice than when the energy is high, they swirl bright and quickly, and when there is less energy they will be less bright and more sluggish in their movements.

Chi is the ambient life energy that things are made out of. It's used a lot in martial arts, like Tai Chi, and in energy work like Chi-gong or Reiki. It's used in a lot of different forms of healing. The more chi you have the healtheir you will be. More life energy means more life!

Chi energy is not intelligent. Chi energy needs to be directed. So when a Kung Fu master is ordering his chi to break a river stone in half with his hand, he is the directing the chi, and he's telling it what to do. Reiki is Chi that is being directed by symbols implanted into the healer via initiation. Chi can be affected by human thought. We can change it, direct it and we can alter what it does.

Kundalini Shakti is very different, because you cannot tell it what to do. You can ask it nicely, but you cannot control the Shakti energy. The Shakti has its own intelligence that is infinitely wiser than any human being. The Shakti is the God-force, the Goddess-force. It is intelligent. So, when we're working with chi, to invoke healing, or when we are opening and drawing the light down inside of us, we're using an energy that needs to be told what to do. It needs to be controlled. If you just send it out, it will feel good, but it won't serve any particular purpose.

Whereas, when I'm radiating the Shakti energy, I don't tell it what to do. I just send it out, and it's own wisdom makes it take whatever form is needed by the recipient. Since I'm not directing it, I don't know what form it takes. It's the unconscious of the person who receives it, and their own Divine guidance that decides what that Shakti shows up as. So for some circumstances, like the grounding site, where I'm sending out Shakti on a higher self level of surrender, I don't actually know how people are affected by that, unless they write back and tell me, because that's not up to me. I just send out the unconditional love, as a vessel, and the Shakti does what it wants.

It is the Shakti that we surrender to, because it is so much wiser than we are. It is the wisdom of the infinite that is outside of time. Whereas the prana, the chi energy, we just open it up and we let it in. It's the vibration of sunlight, as opposed to the earth energy that comes up from below.

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