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The Throat Chakra

The physical location of the energy center known as the throat chakra, is the throat! The chakras themselves are in the center of the spine but their area of influence is much larger. The throat chakra represents communication, your own ability to speak but also spiritual communication with your Divine self. Messages from the heart chakra are transalted by the throat before they enter the mind.

Repressing your expression tends to cause blockages in this chakra, and they tend to be divided by gender.

Men have a lump of unshed tears with the message "big boys don't cry" and women have a lump of unshared opinions with the message "If you cannot say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

So men are not allowed to express sensitive emotions and women are not allowed to express criticism, even though sometimes speaking your mind is of great value. Ask Goddess to take those from yourself.

There is also the vajra energy, a side effect of karma alchemy especially for the ascended. It is the pure raw creative energy of the universe seeking an outlet. Not chi and not Shakti, but it is a force of Divine will manifesting through thoughts. The preferred outlet is art, for me it is writing!

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