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Complain to one who can help you.

Yugoslav Proverb

The still, small voice within, is the only tyrant I will accept.

Mahatma Gandhi

When it comes to guides, quality is essential, and quantity does not mean a thing! There are a very few worthy guides, and most of them are within you, or a part of your consciousness. Thou art God-dess, you have the power of the Divine within you, so go direct and skip the middleman.

The Heart Voice is the voice of the Divine, also known as the "still, small voice."

The soul communicates through the heart, via words, but of itself, your soul may rarely speak in words because it is you! Do you talk to yourself?

The Divine Beloved, is Goddess taking a form unique to you, to have an intimate, personal relationship with you: the Sacred Marriage.

Your own Higher Self, always has your best interests in mind.

Your guardian Angels may not communicate with you, but they are always listening.

There are a very few Earth Devas (Faeries) who may appear to help you along.

There are a lot of Ascended Masters and disincarnate Yogis who like to continue their work.

Beware of imposters!

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