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Near Death Experience (N.D.E.)

Near death experience can be divided into two types. Those who have a terrifying brush with death but remain conscious, and those who actually die and experience the classic trip down the tunnel of white light into a heavenly afterlife, before being resuscitated.

Those who experience the former, often get a renewed appreciation for the gift of life, and proceed to re-evaluate themselves and their priorities and turn their lives around. Often they create a personal mythology wherein they have been "saved" in order to fulfill some Divine purpose, but this effect can be classified as a side effect of trauma, rather than genuine.

Simply put, life is its own reason. Purpose is defined by the individual. An individual's sense of purpose can be a very powerful motivating force for good or harm, and it gives a sense of value and fulfillment to the individual life experiences... but it comes from the choices and beliefs of the individual. A personal belief of being chosen for a Divine mission can lead to psychosis.

The latter, those who actually die and experience alternate realities, often have a very hard time adjusting to the world of mortals afterwards. Some return spiritually gifted with new paranormal abilities or spiritual guides, uplifted and inspired. Others become so homesick for the heavenly realm that they may commit suicide in order to return there.

There is often a "duckling" effect on N.D.E. experiencers of the latter variety. The trip into the Light is a form of ego death, and those who experience ego death return to the world in an extremely vulnerable and impressionable state. Often their new sense of ego self is drawn from the people and environment around them, similar to how a newly hatched duckling attaches to the first big thing it sees, and follows it around as it's child. As a result, N.D.E. experiencers may have a much harder time finding their way back to the Light, to the spiritual realms on their own, as compared to those who attain the higher awareness through a more traditional form of spiritual seeking, such as a Mystery school or Yogic path.

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