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Soul Meditation:
Observing the Breath.

*Recommended to read the Soul essay first.

The soul meditation is good for people who are too detached, and have a hard time staying in their body and connecting with it. Do it as often as you please. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more you will become aware of your own soul as a guiding presence in your life.

In some ways, the soul meditation is a mystic path, all by itself.

Your soul knows why you chose to incarnate, and what you truly are. Usually it will not speak in words, but through joy, confidence and inspiration. It communicates!

Observing the breath is one of the most ancient and powerful meditations. I cannot remember where I originally learned it, it is like it has been part of me always. I did not used to teach it because I thought everybody already knew it. I started teaching it as an alternative to people who had difficulty grounding, or wanted a divine connection without the complexities of kundalini awakening.

I soon discovered, almost nobody knows it and those who have heard of it are doing it wrong! The advantages of a life-long Shaman guide.

So, presenting...

The Soul meditation is the practice of observing the body breathing, without trying to control the breath, at all. Your body knows how to breathe, it has been doing so, without requiring your attention since you were born. The Soul meditation is one of the fastest ways to bring the soul back to where it belongs. Feeling fully present, embodied and aware.

It is of benefit to empaths, fill yourself with the energy of your own soul, and there is less room for other people's noise.

It is a healing balm for most emotional states and physically restorative.

The Lineage fellas named a combo: 'Ground & spark.' Grounding followed by observing the breath, the soul meditation.

Pranayama practices (controlling the breath) are sometimes used to force kundalini to awaken, but once it has awakened the practices need to be abandoned. Surrender is the imperative of kundalini, not control. Trying to force kundalini is a bad idea. The practices become a form of resistance to the process and are known to trigger kundalini psychosis. Pranayama is dangerous to your sanity.

There are various types of western breath control excercises like rebirthing, intended to bring up old trauma for resolution but they have a tendency to trigger too hard, bringing up an overwhelming amount of old emotional debris: more than people can handle.

Some people beleive in 'break down to breakthrough.' Those people are a-holes, consciousness is delicate and deserves gentle, respectful care. While it is true some people make important life changes when they feel they have hit rock bottom, trying to force a crisis is cruelty and not necessary for growth.

That is why I do not teach any form of prayayama, but with the soul meditation you sometimes get spontanous pranayama that feels like Goddess is breathing you. A very direct and personal experience of Divine presence.

So here is your new meditation. Sit quiet, observing the breath without trying to control it at all, just watching and feeling all the various sensations of your body as it breathes, by itself, naturally. The movement of your ribs and abdomen, the feel of the air coming into your nose and lungs. Not controlling your breathing, at all. Just watching and feeling.

Sounds very dull? Just continue to observe, do not resist, it gets amazing.

Distractions come up, just let them go and return attention to the breath with no judgement or impatience, as many times as it takes.

Making drama of distraction, is a bigger distraction and a form of resistance. Relaxed persistence is the key. Stick with it, it starts to get interesting, then fascinating, then cleansing and joyous. Confidence and charisma, practicing the soul meditation can help to grow healthy self esteem.

Procrastination is another form of resistance, thinking you need a special place or moment. You can observe the breath in any idle moment, in the bathroom or on the bus, but not when your attention needs to be on your extrnal world, like driving.

The practice goes through several notable stages, as you continue with it.

To start, when you have been doing it for a little while, sometimes within a few moments you might notice a feeling of joy coming from under your ribs. That joy is the energy and presence of your soul. Welcome it, with gratitude but return your attention to watching your body breathing.

If you focus on the joy trying to make it grow larger, it doesn't work but so long as you maintain your focus on the breath, it expands.Don't try to force it, just keep observing the breath and allow the changes.

The soul meditation is a wordless excercise in the meaning of surrender. Letting go of control, taking the back seat to simply observe.

The joy is the energy of your soul, and the joyful energy expands so long as you continue observing the breath.

Soul joy expanding to fill your whole body, feels awesome. You can thank the joy for its presence, if you like, then return your attention to watching and feeling your body as it breathes naturally.

Keep observing the breath until it feels like your soul's joyous energy has spread through every part of your body.

There may be some emotional release as it spreads, soul light is very healing, beautifully loving and joyous but gentle. It is not unusual for someone to be feel tears of release, bliss and gratitude as the energy spreads. So beautiful!

After a longer while, your breathing may start to become erratic, all by itself. You are not doing anything but observe. Breaths may start to vary from hyperventilating to not breathing at all, shallow to deep, and everything in between.

You are not controlling this. It may start to feel like, Goddess is breathing you.

Just keep observing and allow it. Watch what your energy is doing as She works the body, in addition to observing the breath. Any effort to control will disconnect you from the experience. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Awesome sensation, spontaneous pranayama which is the only kind I allow, everything else is forced and not surrender.

Sometimes the kriya pranayama will fill the body with energy then flush it all out again, like rinsing a bottle. Sometimes the energy builds with the breathing and sometimes in the spaces between the breaths. When breathing stops, there is no feeling of oxygen starvation but a sense of building energy, and breathing resumes on its own.

Observing how Goddess breathing you moves your energy, really gives a clear sense of how spiritual energy, life force and breathing are connected. All forms of pranayama are people trying to mimic this natural experience... which is defeated by the effort to control it.

The more you do the soul meditation, the easier it gets. For me, after decades, body drops into the stillness and joy within three breaths, sometimes only one. Charges, cleanses and refocuses me. I am out of body a lot! It is like coming home, back to the body, to the present here and now.

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