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Soul Meditation.

There are many conceptualizations of the Soul. Just take a look in your dictionary! Many interpretations, and some of them contradict each other.

Some people consider the soul the same as the higher self... it is not. In my experience, the soul is a tiny spark of brilliant light, the seed of your consciousness. It looks like a star... the ancient Egyptians believed that every star in the heavens represented a human soul.

The soul is in unity with the Divine, and cannot be harmed by any of your actions in this lifetime... but if your body gets too plugged up with stress and karma, your soul may leave the body and then we do what is called a "Soul retrieval" to bring it back. There is an expression, we sometimes say someone has no soul... they have one, but it may have fled!

Sometimes under severe trauma, like a car accident people experience altered perceptions... time seems to slow, small details get magnified, sometimes they are not aware of sound, or notice that the sound they hear, is themselves screaming! This is called clinical detachment... It is a Divine mercy, that the soul often gets removed from the body before death or accidents. Sometimes people die of shock... when the soul is out of the body for too long, sometimes the body thinks it's work is done, and starts to shut itself down, to return to dust. This is a spiritual perspective, medical explanations may differ.

For the soul meditation, use your intuitive vision to locate your soul... ask to be shown that infinitely bringht spark of consciousness, that is your essential self. Most often it is found in or near the power chakra... that chakra holds the issues of free will and Divine will, so it makes sense for the soul to be at that nexus.

If you cannot see it, then just imagine it. Focus on it with love and gratitude, and as you feed it with these emotions it will seem to get brighter. Keep feeding it until it feels like it's light has spread through every part of you. There may be some emotional release as it spreads, soul light is very healing, beautifully loving and joyous and it is not unusual for someone to be overcome with tears of release, bliss and gratitude as the energy spreads. So beautiful!

The soul meditation is good for people who are too detached, and have a hard time staying in their body and connecting with it. Do it as often as you please. The more you do it, the more you will become aware of your own soul as a guiding principle in your life. Your soul knows why you chose to incarnate, and what you truly are... Usually if will not speak in words, except via the Heart Voice, but it communicates!

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