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Aka cords

"Aka cords" is a term from Huna mysticism, it defines aka cords very elegantly. Everything is connected to every other thing. Relationship, attraction... gravity... Love. I believe they are also the "super strings" physicists suggest are holding the universe together.

As aka cords show up in the etheric, they are the underlying nature of how relationships connect people. Everything you see, everything you touch, creates a thread of energy between you and it. However, these threads of attraction are usually are only readily visible when they represent the union in relationships, because the cords of love between people are stronger than attachments to things. Like "Apron strings" between mother and child, they are how we exchange empathy, love, and information. This usually happens on an unconscious level for most people. These etheric cords are a normal connection between friends and lovers. Most are flimsy and fade quickly, but they can also become negative attachments and vampiric siphons.

When you grow an awareness of these threads, it becomes very easy to manage these cords with the tools of imagination... even without intuition, one can do the ritual. Guardian angels will act on your requests. For most folks, knowing about the cords is not very important because the unconscious takes care of them. For healers, professional psychics and other folks who are doing energy work, it becomes more important to keep the tools in order and cut cord attachments that no longer serve. Sometimes a patient will continue to draw energy from a healer after the session is finished, and while this is a good thing in the short term, in the long term it can be hard on the healer and become a crutch, or negative addiction for the patient.

This is why I occasionally do a ritual to cut any aka cords that are not in my highest good by sending out a last blast of unconditional love and K-fire to manifest whatever the person on the other end needs. Usually I do not ask who is cut; I simply trust in the judgment of my higher self. I do this when I find myself unusually tired, which is not very often. Lately, when I go to ask that something "be in the highest good", Goddess laughs at me. gently. She reminds me that She is All That Is, and so how would anything not be in the highest good? There is only fear to fear, and it comes from me. I ask that the highest good be done, anyways, as I am not yet free of creative fears. and the response is another gentle laugh. Like, I think I need to ask for Her to be loving? So, I give up my fears to her, and get a K-ride out of duality, into that space where all things begin.

There are several ways to disconnect cords. It is best to be clear in your intention, so that you don't cut cords which represent win/win relationships that serve your highest good. In the ritual I was taught in basic Huna, you first ask to be shown the beneficial cords, and send love, gratitude and blessings down these cords. Then ask to be shown ones that do not serve, and cut them. This method is nice and simple... but those who are determined, will sometimes show up in your life again, or simply connect new cords as often as they are cut.

Here is how to do the ritual:

Get grounded and draw in as much light as you can hold, especially with Shakti from the Earth's fiery crystal core. With your imagination, first, ask to be shown all of the cords that connect you to people who are in service to your Highest Good, and only those cords. You may get an impression of being in the center of a big spiderweb or perhaps a cocoon with many threads coming from different chakras and radiating out from you in all directions. You may possibly get a sense of being surrounded by a crowd of people. You may feel it, or see it, or sense it, or just imagine it there... it doesn't matter. What is important is your intention.

These are the cords benefit you, so you do not need to clear them. Thank these people for being in your life and gratefully send light and love down the cords to them. Give thanks for being shown that you are loved and supported, and let the vision go. Do not be surprised if some old friends contact you in the days following, to tell you they were thinking of you warmly. Nice bonus!

Then, once again fill yourself with as much light as you can hold. This time, ask to be shown all of the cords that connect you to people or things that feed on your energy but do not serve your highest good. Most of these are people who want something that they think you can give them. Release a generous blast of the light you have drawn into yourself down the cord , as a farewell gift of unconditional love for them that will show up on their end as whatever it is they think they need from you. Let your intention be that the recipient's higher self choose the form in which the love manifests on the other end. Essentially, this means that the recipient's higher self or unconscious will use the energy as it thinks best. You do not need to know what it manifests as.

As the light goes down the cord, imagine that it burns up the cord like a lit fuse, so that the cord is gone. Then, breathe more light into yourself, to replace what you gave away. Be sure to offer thanks to Goddess for Her abundance that allows you to be generous, and conclude the ritual. You may find that some of these people will unconsciously feel the cord being disconnected, and they might contact you in the days following and complain that you feel distant. Others, the bottomless pits will not be satisfied with your gift and will promptly reattach to you.

A day or two later, repeat the ritual. Give love to those who support you as before, and again ask to see the cords that connect you to those who do not serve your highest good. There will be fewer cords than before; ideally there will be none. The cords that have been reattached will be those of the persistent bottomless pit vampires who reconnect the cords no matter how many times you cut them, or how much of what kind of energy you send.

If you are dealing with this kind of persistent bottomless pit vampire, there is another method you can use that I got from a healer friend, Morganna. In this technique, instead of sending them more energy, you leave the cords as they are, but reverse the flow and take back only your *own* energy that they stole from you. Imagine you are sucking on the cords like a drinking straw. Be clear in your intention not to feed on their energy, but only to take back your own stolen energy from them. Since you are just taking your own energy back, you are not going to get any junk from them.

Take your time at it, sip slowly so they will not be abruptly deflated. You would not want them to pass out while driving, or anything, and it could happen if their energy is very low. Keep a peripheral awareness of these cords for a few days. When these vampires realize (probably unconsciously) that there is no free lunch and they are no longer getting fed/rewarded by the cords, they will detach them from you on their own, like a leech dropping off. They will give up, pull in their cords and stop preying on you. They may go off and feed on someone else, but you cannot control what someone else does. You can only control your own energy.

I find it best to do the simpler cord cutting ritual several days in a row. Then if there are still any negative cords that have been reconnected in spite of your generosity, leave them attached, and draw on them several times a day until the vampires give up and detach.

There are a lot of folks who read my website, or emails or whatever, and unconsciously see something they need. and reach out a cord to attach to me, seeking it. Some of these are negative connections from people who take issue with what I do. Thinking of me negatively also sends out a cord, as it is still a form of asking for love.

I don't mind when people do that. The more love I send out, the more comes back. So folks who ask for love are giving me a positive investment opportunity in my own wellbeing... but sometimes the limitations of linearity can be fatiguing, which in turn, creates resistance which becomes even more tiring. When I notice this effect, I usually take care of myself by taking care of everybody else. I get deeply grounded, and charge myself with as much energy as I can... and flush it out my head to clear myself. Then I charge myself up again, and ask to be shown the cords which are no longer serving my highest good, and I use the ritual that I have just shown you.

When I get impatient with it, I put it on autopilot... I ask my guardian Angels to disconnect the cords from me, on my end and plug them into the sender's higher self, or the Earth source, as They think best. To do this, as they are formed. I'm not suggesting you do this, though. The traditional ritual is good practice for learning about how relationships work, in the etheric. astral, spiritual world.

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