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The Second Chakra

The physical location of the energy center known as the Second chakra, is just below the navel, above the sacrum and its colour is fiery orange.

The second chakra represents emotions, relationships, and romantic, erotic sexuality. Sex for love and pleasure.

Emotions are often associated with the heart chakra, but love is really an energy, not a feeling. Emotions are love mixed with fear, and they are ruled by the second chakra.

The second chakra represents all sorts of relationships, not only romantic relationships but your relationship with your tribe, kin and peers including your parents and co-workers. If someone you care about is angry with you, you may feel it as a heaviness in the bottom of your belly, just above the pubic bone.

Discomfort with your sexual orientation can create blockages in this chakra, and when it is first opening it is not unusual to experience accelerated libido. Kundalini energy feels sexual when it first rises, and pushes against the karma held in this chakra. Later when the chakra is opened the feeling changes to bliss that is more ecstatic and sensual .. a sense of being in love with everything.

When meditating in this chakra, think of the things you are passionate about. Not necessarily people, but causes you care about, things you love to do. Think of these things as a fire deep in your belly that drives your joy in living. Feel your body, cherish it and thank it for being a wonderful vessel for your soul during your stay on earth.

If you find your mind being drawn instead to the things you do not like, then let the orange fire burn them away within you to make space for your destiny.

Sacrum Chakras: The triangular bone that connects your spine to your hips contains chakras responsible for a sense of belonging.

These chakras are opened naturally in a normal birth process, but sometimes not in cases of intervention such as caesarian or premature birth.

The sacrum chakras represent your place on Earth and in your tribe. One symptom of inactivated sacrum chakras is the strange haunting feeling of alienation, like you were somehow born on the wrong planet.

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