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This is a post I wrote a few years ago, to someone who was having a difficult awakening and wanted to know how to shut the process down and reverse it. Go back to "normal". The short answer is, you can't. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle, once you have let it out. You just have to learn to surrender and go with the flow... and enjoy it!

Date 2 May 99
Subject Re [K-list] Re request for help]


I sat on your post for a few days, because I know what to tell you, but it's not what you want to hear.

Kundalini is the God-force, infinite wisdom and unconditional love, awake and active in the human body... you cannot shut it off, once it has started. You must surrender to it, as one would surrender to a hurricane. To try to stand against it is to be injured by it's power.

You have been chosen to be a Temple of Divine Spirit... and the side effects you are feeling these last 5 years, is the process of your body being remodeled into a Temple. You cannot stop it, but if you surrender to it, it won't upset you so much.

The difficulties you are having, come of your fear and resistance to the process. Your actions have an equal and opposite reaction, in that way... it is like being arrested by the police... you can go quietly, and trust the legal process to sort things out... or resist and they will have to do nasty things to subdue you and make you come anyway.

Believe me, trying to shut it down is much, much worse for you than letting it have it's own way. This is the God-force... you can trust it absolutely, with your life. It gave you life, and now it is taking that life, and chipping away the Karma and limiting fears from your mind, to make you into a perfected Self... a vessel of Divine Grace. You asked for this, before you were born.

Part of the process of clearing out old fearful beliefs, to make room for Spirit, tends to be quite emotional. The emotional content of the old bad memories comes up again to be released, like Goddess is cleaning out your closets, as part of the renovation.

How to deal with this, so that it becomes a burp instead of weeks of agony... is actually, very simple. First, you must learn to get grounded. A website on how to do that is grounding.

Then, while you are grounded, you must imagine that your life is a movie, and you are an actor in it, so deeply immersed in your role that you have forgotten that you are acting. At the back of your mind, or higher up above you is the producer/director, who watches... without judging the emotions the actors express, or the content of the script... Imagine that you are that watcher, and observe yourself while you are being emotional.

You will find that this will give you great wisdom about the higher purposes of the events in your life, and let you be at peace, even when there is turmoil around you.

It feels kind of odd, sometimes tho, because this peace is an emotionless state. Some folks who have felt it, have compared it to the apathy that is depression, but it is not that. When you are in this state, others will see you as a wonderful person who expresses unconditional love. However, this "Watcher", or "Witness" state, being the producer of the movie that is your life... This is a Divine perspective. We can feel things because of polarity... light and shadows together make a movie. Blinding light, or complete darkness we can see nothing. Unconditional love without polarity feels like nothing... but from that place of being the "Witness", you will get insights that allow you to release the emotions more easily.. surrendering them to Divine Wisdom to resolve for you. Letting the Kundalini take care of you. Safe in Goddess arms.

When you are emotional say out loud "Spirit, (Goddess, God, Jesus, Light, Great Spirit, doesn't matter, they are all One Love... use whatever name you can put faith in.) Please take this from me. It is a Gift for you, yours. thank you Very much."

Then empty your mind by focusing on taking a deep breath... breathing right into your stomach... and another one... into your feet, into the Earth...

You might feel an odd sensation, like the emotions are rising up through you and going out your head. Imagine the top of your head is opening like a flower and they are floating up like pollen... disappearing in the sun.

Then check in with your emotions again. You will find they have changed. Look inside of yourself, to see what else needs to be released, and give it up the same way. Do this over and over with your feelings, fears and regrets, until you feel better... and ask the Light to fill in all the spaces where the stuff you released used to be... other wise you might feel kind of "empty", afterwards. It will, and you will feel miraculously transformed. It is the energy of miracles, that is awake within you.

When you are being the "Witness", you will realize that who you think you are, has two parts. There is the emotional you who has the fears and hurts, and there is the "Witness" you, who watches all of this taking place. Gradually you will get to know the two parts of you... the part of you that fears, which I call "Ego", will become smaller as it's fears are released, and you will begin to identify your "self", more with the part of you that is Divine. The "Witness", will come forth to shape your life with it's wisdom, and share unconditional love and peace with everyone whom it meets. That is how the prayer expressed in your sig file, will come to pass. Change the world, by changing within yourself. K. does that. It is love.

You cannot stop the Kundalini... What God wants, God gets... You were born to be a vessel of Spirit, and now the time has come for you to become that, as the time comes for the caterpillar to become a butterfly. As the time came, for your child self to become your adult self, now it is time for your adult self to give way to your Higher self. Your soul purpose. Stop fighting it.

If you surrender to it, it will become such a blessing to you, that you will not worry anymore about being "normal".


Note: Despite my advice to this person, it is sometimes possible for a person who is having a very difficult awakening to postpone the process to a later time of life when they will be better prepared for it. I did, at age 18. Asked to set it aside for a while... and missed it terribly, when it was gone. I was not having a difficult awakening, but rather having trouble fitting it into new adulthood and relationship. Prayers for mercy are often heard.

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