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Consciousness Section Contents

The nature and aspects of consciousness, our own and that of the universe is one of the endless mysteries.

Aspects of consciousness: We think of Mind as "I", singular but it is really more like a committee.

Non-duality: What it means.

The Ego: The aspect of your consciousness that Kundalini erodes. A working definition.

Ego Dissolution: The process.

The Soul: What it really is.

The Divine Beloved: Your real Twin soul only exists inside of you, and it is God-dess.

Magical Ethics: Some good rules to live by.

Empathy: Feeling other peoples emotions.

The Witness State: A higger dimensional perspective.

The Shadow Self: What we think we are not.

The Serpent: What's up with the snakes?

The Genie: Once Kundalini wakes, it does not stop till its work is done.

Enlightenment: Some friendly definitions.

Self Realization: So extraordinary, yet so simple...

Ascension: Vajra Diamond Body is imperishable.

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