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The Tornado.

Circles and vortexes are part of nature. Some people have negative associations with them, trauma from a twister or the idea of a whirlpool sucking them under. Surrender it. Vortexes are an essential part of our physical world.

clock faceThere are two types of spin. There is the spin that pulls things inward, and the spin that dissipates outward. The spin of water spraying off your bicycle wheel, and the spin cycle of your washing machine using centrifugal force to wring the water from the clothes, and/or there is us on our spinning planet, pinned to the Earth by gravity.

Wicca mostly uses clockwise circles (deosil) to gather and condense energy. This is the same as how planets are compacted out of star dust. Karma blockages, have a clockwise spin. Energy that has been spun into solidity and no longer flows as energy must.

I mostly use counterclockwise spin, (widdershins) to dissipate blockages and karma. The spiraling of the Kundalini serpents, is a clockwise spin.

It is useful to use spin to cleanse yourself, and you can use it as a surrender-based energy shield. I refer to these as tornadoes.

For cleansing, start the spin by focusing on the spiral caduceus of the Kundalini serpents, they spiral upwards in a counter-clockwise direction. Increase the speed and size of the spin, until you have a good sized tornado within and around you, starting below your feet and ending way above you. Trace the spiral upwards, it is counterclockwise. The counter clockwise spin will act on the clockwise spinning karma debris, breaking it apart and hauling it away like Dorothy on her way to Oz. Up, up and away! Off to Goddess it goes.

When you are done with the vortex, just imagine it spinning up and away like a tornado retreating back into the clouds and disappearing.

When I have to go out in a crowd, I create a slow spiraling tornado-updraft on the outer edge of my aura, to catch energy and send projections up to Goddess before they reach me.

I used to use a pink-mirror shield on the outside of my aura that reflected stuff back as love... but that meant I had idiots who were thinking their behavior was lovable, hanging around addicted, sending me more crap just to feel the love coming back.

With the tornado effect, their energy just disappears into the void and the provocateurs get no reaction, so they give up and get bored... if they notice me, at all... My druid says it feels like I'm kind of not-there... like they say of the enlightened, "in the world, but not of it". I still get information, but I don't have to act on it.

Example: I used the tornado recently to go to the boat show, with my fella, druid. At the end of the show, he was tired, and I was fine... even though I'd made the circuit of the whole stadium 3 times while he was doing a slow stroll looking at stuff. At one point I rejoined him just as he was pulling out the visa card and buying a new propeller for his boat.

I felt the wrongness of the purchase, and duplicity of the salesman, but with detachment. It didn't upset me, I knew Goddess had it handled. I expressed it by gently asking if we could afford it, and making some silly negative comments about the plastic props on display... druid could feel my gentle disapproval, but he went ahead and bought it, and ended up canceling the deal a week later. Turned out it was the wrong prop, and the salesman was not local, as he'd claimed. druid found a local company that had a better prop to suit his needs.

For shielding, do the same as the cleansing tornado, but gentler. Create the basis of the tornado in the same way, but smaller. The spin is tuned to the spiraling of the K. serpents within you. Start it from within you, then allow it to expand to an egg shaped oval. Imagine a counter clockwise tornado spinning upwards at the outer edge of your aura, like you are inside an egg shaped barbershop pole. Then increase the speed and size of the spinning till your body is at the still place in the eye of the vortex, and anything that comes at you is carried up and away by the tornado. Hold the intention that the spiral edge is carrying off excess energy and emotional projections before they reach your body... surrendering empathic debris, on autopilot.

This is very useful for empaths who need to go out in public, but remember to dismantle the tornado shield when you get home, by allowing it to spin up and away into the heavens. Leaving it up full time will leave you feeling distanced from your loved ones and your environment.

One-on-one: detachment, detachment, detachment. Stay in the witness state, centered in Goddess, then you can be you and they can be they and you don't have to buy into their emotions and paradigms... you don't have to change them, or fix anything. You can share your thoughts and perspectives, and not get bent out of shape if they disagree.

To cleanse your house, start the same way but let the tornado get as big as your house! Usually five minutes of spinning white tornado is enough to get your house pretty clean, on an energy level.

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