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The Heart chakra

The physical location of the energy center known as the Heart chakra, is the center of the chest, beside the physical heart which is on the left.

There are so many properties of the heart chakra, from the commonplace to the very esoteric.

We associate the heart with love. Emotions are often associated with the heart chakra, but love is really an energy, not a feeling. Emotions are love mixed with fear, and they are ruled by the second chakra.

The Heart chakra is an important part of discernment: your inner navigation. This shows up in common language with expressions like "Follow your heart" or "I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do." A feeling of opening, warmth or expansion in the area of the heart chakra is a YES! from the universe that anyone can feel.

Gandhi said "the still, small voice within is the only Guru I can accept" and he was talking about the voice of the heart, which is also called the Inner Guru. Many people have the voice already, but simply do not identify what it is. We expect the voice of the Divine would be a sound like thunder, not a mild quiet little mind voice that always tells the truth.

The heart chakra is one of the upper chakras of non-duality; Love is All that Is.

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