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Higher Self Negotiation.

Some people assume the higher self and the soul are the same thing; they are not.

The higher self, is similar to the personality's individuality, but on a higher spiritual level. The higher self usually resembles the physical person, but sometimes rather idealized... for example, if your body was crippled, your higher self would still appear whole. It may also appear older than the human individual, more of a parental figure. The higher self retains your unique individuality, but it does not experience separation from Goddess as the ego does.

... At least, most do not. While the Higher self is usually also conceptualized as being pure, and it is, compared to the ego... I have encountered many higher selves in need of healing, love and acceptance. Karma does affect the higher self.

Some religions speak of sins being a stain on the soul. The Christian idea of sin harming the soul is incorrect, the brilliant spark of consciousness that is the soul, is a part of the Divine, and cannot be harmed by anything we do on this earth. The body may become so polluted or traumatized that the that the soul cannot remain in it, which speaks to the need for soul retrieval... but the soul is part of God-dess, and it retains its purity no matter what. The higher self, can be diminished by our actions in this lifetime.

I rarely mention this, because having faith in your own higher self and loving it, clears it. By the time someone becomes aware enough to consider their higher self to be a guide, it is clear enough to be a good one.

I have found, that some interpersonal conflicts are often better resolved at a higher self level. The HS is much closer to the Truth, and so more receptive to love and willing to accept a solution of peace, than the ego personalities of the same people, but they also reflect the individual.

My method is to ask my angels to arrange a meeting with my higher self and the higher selves of everyone involved in the difficult situation, to negotiate resolution of the situation for the highest good of all involved. I trust the Angels to resolve the balance and find a solution of greater peace for everyone.

I pretty much stay out of the meeting itself, aside from sending some gratitude for the guests showing up at the negotiation table. It is best, to let the angels handle the meeting and do not get involved personally. Often, I do not even know whose higher selves are present at the meeting, although usually I will get a sense of how many are present.

Instead, I am watching as if from a distance and getting clues from the body language I am observing in the group. Like watching two people talking from across the street. Cannot hear what is being said, but watching them tells you a lot about how they feel. If the body language of someone's higher self is showing resistance, I just love them, send energy of love to that higher self to lift it past whatever limit or fear it is getting stuck on. I listen for the Angels guiding me in what to do.

As the meeting resolves, the higher selves leave... anyone left still hanging around, needs more love. Thank them all, and the angels for agreeing to meet.

This may seem a bit sneaky, and it is. Anything that bypasses the free will power of the conscious, ego mind is sneaky, and this technique should be considered a last resort... but higher selves do have free will, and asking for a meeting is not disrespectful of that. Angels play fair. The result of the higher self negotiations will filter down to the mundane interaction. Sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically.

I find this technique can be particularly useful in resolving long standing family issues, and getting closure on romantic relationships. Often, at the end of long relationships, getting closure is difficult because each side is holding onto some part of the other, that was taken or given during the course of the relationship. Arranging a higher self meeting, for a sort of exchange of hostages can enhance attaining closure. Sometimes one side will not want to give up the pieces of the other that they hold, but usually a mutually acceptable resolution can be found.

In the case of a difficult or hostile divorce, sometimes the battle over property is symbolic of a battle over energy. A Higher self negotiation can resolve the energy issues, and the result filters down into the worldly interaction.

Anyone can arrange a higher self negotiation, simply by asking for it... your guardian angels will handle it for you. Doing it with some awareness, as I do, takes a certain amount of intuitive talent. If you would like  assistance in arranging a higher self negotiation for some difficult relationship in your life, book a session.

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