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Grounding And More.

I've given you a meditation to get grounded. If you have tried the meditation, you will have noticed that when you are grounded, you are fully in the moment. Your thoughts are not worrying about the future, or stressing over the past.

Some people find that when the Kundalini is working on the karma and it's bringing up the emotional baggage to be released, sometimes it's very hard to get grounded.

There are ways to help this process go more gently....but the drama has it's own beauty, doesn't it? In the intensity of feeling, there is an increased awareness of the gift of life. The Tao is round. Offering gratitude for the process itself, goes a long way to smoothing out the bumps. There is no replacement for having faith, but it takes time for the fear to be cleared, and for faith to become a habit. Apply gratitude, and the faith will come.

Aside from the meditation, there are other, active ways to get grounded. There's a Zen expression that says "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

Getting involved in really simple mundane activities like that, totally focused on just the day-to-day existence of the stuff you have do to take care of the form is incredibly grounding.

Gardening, getting your feet into the earth and getting your hands on the plants, and doing that basic primary activity that humans have done throughout history is very grounding.

Tress can help you to balance your energy. Find a big nice tree and sit with your back against it, feel the life and sap flowing. Lay on the grass, press your spine against the Earth. Let the tears flow, if there are tears. Give your pain to the Earth to be transformed. Walk in the woods, enjoy nature.

If you have someone close who can help, ask them to hold you lying down spoon-fashion on your left sides, you in front. This is a Tantric healing position that will help to re-balance your energy. It is an ancient comfort. Two hugs a day for good mental health!

Kundalini is creative energy, so all forms of artistic creativity are very grounding. One way to to get some of this excess energy out of your body is to put it into a creative activity, whether that activity is music, painting, art, gardening macrame or making candles! Crocheting or knitting or anything that is an act of creation. You can put the excess energy into that, you can put the excess karma and stuff into that, and get it out of yourself, so you can go back to the place of stillness, back to the place of balance. Being in the moment, in the here and now, and in a calm relaxed state where there is no fear.

A musician who is really into creating the music is completely and utterly in the moment, and they usually have no thoughts in their head. Their mind is silent. They're so engaged in doing that there is no room for fear. There is no room for worry. You know a great musician or a great artist because when they're in that Zen-perfect state, the music is incredible. Goddess is creativity, She is the artist's Muse. the best artists are a transparent vessel. Star quality is what they call an artist who is stubborn in holding to their own artistic vision, and not allowing it to be diluted.

Sometimes the easiest way to deal with the energy firing and the emotional release storms is to sit down and draw it, paint it, write it out, write out your feelings. Express your self. Get the stuff out of you and onto paper, or into some other form. At that point, you can decide if you want to get rid of the results by burning up the paper, or you may decide they're worth keeping. They're an expression that's valuable and you want to share them with people. What you do with the result is not as important as the creative act itself. Art is in the doing.

The only exception to this is cooking: you don't want to put your negative energy into food that people will eat! It would give them a bellyache.

If you feel like you have too much energy, a hot bath will loosen things up. Water is very K. conductive, + the positive ions, and the ritual of cleansing itself is a metaphor for clearing karma. It is a womb comfort, too. You can add epsom salts, baking soda, aroma therapy oils. Be self indulgent. For a quick energy release, just press your hands to the ground and give the energy back to the Earth.

Some people find walking barefoot on concrete to be very soothing, and others find they sleep better with a box of river rocks under their bed. People who get a charge for quartz crystals may find they sleep better if the crystals are not in the same room. Quartz crystals in particular, have an ability to store vibrational information and replay it back. This can be useful if you are wanting to communicate a vibrational message to yourself, but not so nice if the negative energy you release in sleep is being recorded and replayed back to you all night long.

Pain is often fear being released. Try to breathe it out, give it love. Stress makes the blood go alkaline. This causes it to lose calcium, and calcium is a mood regulator.

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey each, in a glass of hot water, sipped slowly will fix your blood ph, your brain sugar (K. is hungry, and sugar is the only food your brain can use) and give you a fix of calcium and potassium. It kicks your traumatized body back into proper acid balance. It also contains healthy bacteria to replace what died off from the stress.

You need good healthy slow burning oils for even blood sugar. I use a lot of butter and cream. My genes allow it, a white girl pale enough to turn blue in winter is showing a DNA marker for lactose tolerance. Avoid oils that have been preserved by heating, including deep fried food and artificially hardened fats, like margarine.

Start taking Flax seed oil. It is the only oil that has all the essential fats your body needs to grow a healthy nervous system, and you need them even more with the K. transformation. Feed your K. with flax!

Flax seed oil will also help the K. to move more smoothly. It increases K. conductivity by absorbing and transforming fatty nerve toxins. Margarine, deep fry oil, and other processed, indigestible fats coat your cells and reduce nerve conductivity... this can result in a bumpy K. process, not to mention cancer, cellulite, etc. Flax seed oil is rich in anti-oxidants, it will boost your immune system past a lot of the minor illnesses of K. I have not gotten a cold or flu since I started taking it, and my allergies are decreased.

You can take it in capsules, or use it as salad oil. Cooking with it turns it toxic.Flax seed oil that has been boiled becomes linseed oil that is used in paint. Poison. Blending it with quark cheese or cottage cheese with a hand blender makes the oil bind to the calcium, and increases absorption of both. Good base for a salad dressing, vegetable dip or butter substitute.

I put the cheese in the blender then keep adding oil until the result looks like very shiny, smooth butter. If it is well blended, the oil will not separate out again. It usually works out to about equal parts quark cheese and oil. I keep it in the fridge and when I want to make some salad dressing, I add stuff. My recipe is a little different every time I make it, but usually includes a some maple syrop to sweeten the nutty flavor of the oil. Optionally: a bit of cayenne pepper, fresh or ground garlic, sometimes balsamic vinegar, oregano, sage, shredded sun dried tomatoes, sour cream, milk, parmesan ... adapt your favorite dressing recipe, with or without the cheese base. If you are lactose intolerant, a dressing made of balsamic vinegar, flax seed oil, 1/2 clove of garlic, oregano, maple syrup or demerra sugar in the blender with sun dried tomatoes will give you mouth orgasms.

You also will need to take a good mineral supplement, like kelp. I find that my body likes natural, unrefined sugars that are rich in minerals. Dark demerra sugar, honey, dark maple syrup and molasses, especially molasses for PMS chocolate and sugar cravings. The potassium fixes the balance.

While many Kundalites give up on Medical Doctors, because the MDs can find no physical cause for the symptoms, it is best to be careful. Do check for a physical cause for symptoms before presuming it's just K. I know at least one person who assumed heart pains were a chakra opening, and the error cost him his life.

K. has been known to knock some folks physical systems for a loop as the stuff works out anyway. The evolution is spirit a n d body. Consider visiting an alternative practitioner like a naturopath and/or a chiropractor. K. likes a straight spine!

Some people get nasty migraine headaches from K. This is usually caused by too much energy in the head. Open your crown chakra and let the energy out, when you first feel the pain and likely you can release the headache before it gets nasty. Just imagine that the top of your head is a flower that opens, releasing the excess energy like pollen in a breeze.

The onset of new allergies and sensitivities is a common side effect of K., as well as cravings for certain foods. It is a unique and individual thing, and there is no telling what your diet will end up being as the process continues. Get in tune with your body, and it will tell you what it needs.

It is said that for the seven years he meditated under the Boddhi tree to become the Buddha, Siddharta lived on nothing but cannabis seeds and flowers. The Nirvana Diet plan.

In fact, cannabis seeds are even higher in essential fatty acids than flax seed oil. Nutritionally, they are the perfect food for humans. Essential fatty acids are mostly what your nerves are made of, so be sure to get lots of them for healthy K.

Don't worry about becoming fat as Buddha unless you are sitting around under a tree all day. Flax seed oil will help get rid of cellulite.

(Joke: What's the title of S. Rushdie's new book? "Buddha, You Fat F*ck." He might as well piss off the rest of the world, while he is at it! )

Drink plenty of pure water. Say some kind of prayer of thanks and blessings for everything you eat and drink. Prayers of thanksgiving for food are universal to all religions, and that is because blessing your food adjusts the energy of it to be more compatible with your body. Taste water before and after you bless it, and you will notice a difference. I find blessed water tastes sweet, and it seems to disappear as soon as it is past my throat. It is already a part of me, so I don't feel it in my stomach any more than I could feel my pancreas.

If you are really having a hard time getting grounded, then eat a steak! While many spiritual paths advocate a vegan diet, I have found that a lot of people, particularly women really need some red meat in their diet to keep them from feeling too "floaty" and buzzed out.

Kundalini breaks all the rules, change is the only constant. The Earth energy nowadays is at a much higher vibration than in centuries past, when sometimes people would meditate their whole lives on a strict diet of rice and beans, and still not attain awakening. These days people wake up easy, often spontaneously or "accidentally" and I hear complaints of too much energy more often than too little. Sometimes a bit of heavy junk food, like pizza and hamburgers will slow the energy down enough to give you some breathing space.

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