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Clearing karma.

1)Faith method. Faith, surrender and gratitude, do the magic. Give it up to Goddess, or use the name of whatever Deity or Power you prefer. Memorize this phrase. Just say

"Goddess, please take this from me, it is a gift for You. It's Yours. Thank you very much. "

Then distract yourself from what you have just handed over, by totally focusing on taking a deep breath or two. A sigh of release. Your attention to something is an attachment to it, so you need to let go by distracting yourself so Goddess can take it when you are not looking. Shifting your attention to taking a deep breath afterwards, detaches attention from it, and also shows that you believe it is handled, Spirit will take care of it, and you are not gonna worry about it anymore. That aspect of surrender is very important. Worry shows lack of faith.

Feel it flowing out your head. (Usually... but sometimes out your feet, and sometimes burning up in heart chakra alchemy or simply disappearing.) Sometimes release will be accompanied with muscle twitches and a desire to stretch. Muscles tighten against the old memories of pain, and relax when the memory is cleared. One of the most dramatic cases of this, one of my slaves grew 5 inches taller in a single night, as all of the crap that held him in a slouched posture, curled protectively around his belly, fell away.

Essentially, the action and the prayer takes several parts, which I will identify and explain so you will know that every word of it has purpose and value.

First, there must be recognition of stuff, somehow through visualization or feeling, getting a grasp on what is to be released. To define the intention of what "this " refers to... but as simply as possible, not trying to find out too much about it because your focus of curiosity will make it grow.

"This " might be, this pain in my body, this feeling of doubt, this funny grey bit of resistance I am seeing/feeling, this annoyance with so and so... any way you can point to it, as what the gift is, will work. Some people don't like this idea of giving karmic crap to Goddess as a gift. They say, "That's like putting a piece of shit on an altar. "

The reason you offer it as a gift, is that Goddess doesn't judge it, and your negative opinion of wanting it gone, is also an attachment. Everything in life, including life itself is a gift of Spirit, whether we judge it gift or garbage from our limited perspective, gift is what it is. Don't worry about giving up too much, or giving away something you need. What is given to Goddess, comes back better if it is still needed. She will give it a tune-up and hand it back.

"It's Yours. " Affirming again that Goddess owns everything, and it is only by grace of free will that we think some stuff is "ours " . Our judgments about it, make karma.

"Thank you very much " , is thanking Spirit for accepting the gift... which is showing faith that you believe and expect that It will, that It has. Thank you is showing trust that nails the request into the Now, seals the deal, like "so mote it be " , or "Amen " . We use thank you because gratitude itself, can be enough to lift a blockage. If you don't like something, apply gratitude, and it will change.

After the pause of breath, gently turn your attention to where the thing you gave away used to be... and you will discover you see it, if it is still present, completely differently... Spirit's eye view. All of its silver linings will be showing. Give up karma, get back insight and compassion. Sometimes there will be some bits of crap still left, because your indication of "this " didn't cover everything. Find and surrender those bits too...

Alternate Phrases:

"Goddess, please take this, and everything connected to it, wherever it exists. It is a gift for You. All Yours. Thank you very much. " (breathe sigh of release and think about something else.)

This clears what you can see and what you cannot see, that is related. Like, some issues may have connections and reflections all through you, your environment, your past lives, and even in other people. Goddess will know what to take.

"Goddess, please take this, in top down fashion from point of origin. It is a gift for You. All Yours. Thank you very much. " (breathe sigh of release and think about something else.)

This is time travel. Changing the past. After a speck of karma is first created, it will come up again and again, as Goddess gives you an opportunity to make a choice to release it. Likely, you did not know to release it, so instead it got bigger from your resistance.

For example, perhaps when you were a child someone put a spider down your shirt, and ever since then you have had a phobia about spiders, and every time you see a spider it gets worse. This phrase asks Goddess to go back to before the first event occurred, and clear the whole pattern from the beginning. When the first event is cleared, all other events that came after disappear like dominos falling, right into the now. The event is gone as if it never existed... it no longer exists.

Time and space are illusion, the universe is being created and uncreated in every moment, as quarks wink in and out of existence. The past only truly exists, in your memories. Your body memories, your past life and ancestral memories. The point of power is in the now, and using this phrase you can change the past using the power of surrender in the now.

"Goddess, please take this, and everything connected to it, in top down fashion from point of origin. It is a gift for You. All Yours. Thank you very much. " (breathe sigh of release and think about something else.)

Catch-all... clears everything and everything connected, all the way back into the past.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so it is important to fill the "holes " with light or else a clearing session can leave you feeling kind of "empty " , and seeking new attachments to fill the void. Surrender the karmic stuff, then also surrender the hole where it used to be... like a bugs bunny cartoon, portable holes, hand them over..LOL!!

"Goddess please take the hole/space/place where that stuff I surrendered to You, used to be and fill them with Your Grace and Light. Thank you very much. " (Breathe in light, thru your feet.)

Additional universal phrases of surrender.:

"Goddess Will be Done"

"It will be as Goddess Wills"

"Goddess has it handled"

"Yea though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil, for I AM".

"It is in the hands of Fate"

Fat Buddha: "Shrug, laugh. Don't care." (releases attachments)

"It is the Will of Allah".

"Responsibility belongs to God"

think of your favourite:

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