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Burnt offerings.

The order of power, in magic and prayer, is thought-word-deed. A thought has power, and so I use many visualizations. Words add more power, so I suggest you offer your mantra of surrender aloud. Deed, makes it stronger yet.

One good way to release issues and karmic emotional baggage, is to write it out on paper and burn it up. Best to write longhand, with pen and paper, instead of keyboard and printer. It is more personal, and more complete, there is not a copy of it left on your hard drive... which there would be, even if you delete the file. Writing out your issues, or drawing them and giving them to the fire is a good thought-word-deed ritual of surrender.

I suggest you get a good, fireproof container to be your vessel for burnt offerings. A metal wastepaper basket will do, but my preference is a pretty stamped brass plant holder, such as you can pick up at most craft stores, florists, garden centers, or any store that sells brass knick-knacks. Get a mid sized one, large enough to safely burn a few crumpled sheets of paper discreetly without the flame showing above the container, or the ashes blowing around, and make sure it has no holes in the bottom. Decorative holes on the sides are OK.

That way, even if you live in an apartment you can have a discreet little burning vessel on your balcony for karmic release. Keep a plant in it most of the time and take the plant out on the nights when you have something to burn, and nobody will know you are using it as a magical cauldron of surrender.

Ceramic plant pots can work too, so long as they do not get hot enough to crack... and sometimes a ritually charged paper can really burn hot!

If you have a fireplace, use it! Just be sure to sweep it out and dispose of the ashes by ritually spreading them on a lawn or garden.

As you light fire to the paper you have prepared, speak aloud your intent to release that which is being burnt, and give thanks for it being taken. Stand downwind so you do not inhale the smoke of it burning. Try not to let the smoke be inhaled by your neighbors, either. Note which way the wind blows, before you begin.

When it is completely burnt and the ashes are cold, scatter them to the wind or spread them on the earth, garden or grass.

A related method, is to hold a taper candle in your hands, and focus on releasing the energy into it, then burn it down to nothing. This can be used as a method of release, or as a focus for meditation.

If it is a large, ongoing issue, then having a seven-day candle burning in a jar will continually remind you of the issue, bring up related issues and with your intentions, send them all into the candle flame. It can also be used to remind you to do affirmations.

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