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Clearing entities

The simplest way to clear entities, is simply to ask your Guardian angels, or whatever you put faith in, to take them into the Light. If you have faith, this is enough. Most people do not have faith... so here is a more "hands on" method that is completely effective.

Question method:

Technique originally from "Access " light working technologies.

I have refined it a bit... it's really easy to do. It looks a lot like an NLP hypnosis induction, so possibly not original to them.

Precede your request for the entity to go into the light, with this series of questions directed at the feeling/blockage/entity/illness/ghost. Do not listen to the answers to the questions. The answers are simply the chaff of ego, and giving your attention to it's answers empowers it to wanna stay put... Since thru the unconscious we are all connected... it works by thought just fine.

Some of the questions are repeated several times, so I'll indicate that and save typing..

What are you?

What were you before that?

And before that? (10 x)

What is your purpose?

What is your goal?

What is your name?

What do you want?

What is the value in holding onto this body? (or home, or location, etc., for clearing entities from objects or places.)

What will you be in the future?

What will you be after that?

And after that? (10 x)

You don't have to do that anymore. Unconditional love can find a better way. Transmute into light. Archangels back up my intentions. Thank you very much.

(Think of the column of light above your head, to show it where to go... and it will. Distract yourself: Take your attention off the entity so your gaze does not hold it like a butterfly pinned to a board.)

The questions disconnect the entity from the present moment, so they remember they did not always take the form they have now. Originally, they were made of light, came from light, ( "we are the transmitter of thought, not it's originators " -Itzak Bentov) and they happily go back there once they have been reminded that they have the option. They transmute when given permission by your free will.

Sometimes I tell them there is a fabulous welcome party there waiting just for them, or the light is where to find whatever it is they are seeking. I don't reject them, <demon, ouuut!! > Resistance is useless. Instead I persuade them that someplace else will be more fun. It's no good to simply toss them from yourself, they will just wander off to go bug someone else. Transmute them.

Usually it will have a collection of supporting thoughts and considerations around it/connected to it, and since these are all now leaderless, give them all permission to transmute, as well. " All connected or supporting entities, thought forms and considerations now have consent to transmute into light. Transmute into light now. Archangels back up my intention. Thank you. " This will clear it from every cell... I like to do an extra cleanup, by clearing it throughout the hologram... Ask Spirit for the stuff to be transmuted totally in all dimensions, realities, levels, reflections, etc... throughout the entire multidimensional universe of All that Is, in top-down fashion from point of origin. This causes stuff to vanish/transmute from it's origin in the past, and it's non-existence as an influence ripples forward through time like dominos falling, to cease existing in the Now. It's fun. Fun to watch folks change in response to the kind work of your thoughts.

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