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Karma and Lessons.

Karma can be very complex, but understanding all of the threads of it is not what is needed from the vessel. I just allow myself to be used, and I get just enough information to be guided in my actions, but I am not shown all of the ripples of every action. Goddess's infinite wisdom takes care of it better than a human mind can comprehend.

I guess the first thing to consider is, what is Karma? I think of Karma as the emotional content of memories. Karma in action is re-acting to previous memory experience. Re-acting as opposed to responding. The expression, "once burnt, twice shy " describes it well. The negative emotional memory of pain from the past, causes a reaction in the now. Just as I wrote about perceptions; why some see the glass half full and others see a glass half empty. When these emotional memories are cleared, there is simply a glass with some liquid in it, and no need to make judgments. How you respond to the glass will depend entirely on the needs of the now, not on programmed re-actions from the past.

Blockages and issues are essentially, the karma of previous limiting decisions. Negative experiences create limiting beliefs, that we cherish as "lessons " ... like, "nice guys finish last " , or "life is hard then you die " . Our beliefs create our experiences: that is Karma manifesting. So, probably a lot of what you cherish as "lessons learned " is actually a karma attachment that you would be better off, to release. Often the blockage prevents you from seeing what the issue is really about. Surrender the blockage, Goddess will give you back insights, in return.

You have to give up what you think you know, to make room for new information, new insights. Once you think you know something, your mind becomes rigid and blocked, you are no longer open to new ideas about it. Chuck the blockages, make room for Divine insight.

Some people think they need to hang onto the Karma until they get the lesson from it, but that is an ego trick of karma too. We grow up in school, and so we think life is about lessons. Life is not about lessons, it is about pure experience, for its own sake. On a soul level, you already know everything there is to know, you deliberately forgot it, so you could have experiences. Have faith. If Spirit wants you to know something, synchronicity can make sure you get the message. An email, a line from a movie or a song on the radio will resonate with wonderful meaning, if you are open to hearing it and not blinded by preconceptions. Goddess provides.

All of our opinions and beliefs (including mine) do not define the infinite, and by surrendering them we make room for something better. That is why Zen Koans are so confusing, like "What is the sound of one hand clapping? " You need to confuse the old ideas to make way for the insights into Divine truth, and those usually cannot really be communicated, in words.

We know from stories of near death experiences, that after you die only one question will be asked of you. "How well did you love? " Even if you are severely mentally disabled and incapable of learning anything, you are still able to love, and your life will still have value.

Judging Karma bad or good is illusory... both are attachments. Often, we get the most growth and insights from the challenging experiences. "Maybe good luck, maybe bad luck, time will tell " .

What we call good karma is usually the bright memories... but those take you out of the now as surely as the bad ones. Think of Alzheimer patients who have retreated into their happy childhoods, and abandoned the Now... or the compulsive gambler trying to recreate that one "lucky " win.

However, it is the stuff we judge as bad karma that most likely we are most in a hurry to be rid of.

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