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The Root Chakra

The physical location of the energy center known as the root chakra, is at the tip of the tailbone and its colour is fiery red.

The information of the root chakra is the deep instincts of the body-mind, and of the earth itself. This includes the basic instincts to eat, procreate and survive.

The root chakra is open at least a little bit in everyone, as it connects is to Source; the magnetic field that is the life force of the earth and everything living on it.

The root chakra is without language, yet not simple. Scrying into it you begin to understand the complex interdepence of nature, and your place in it.

While meditating inside the sphere, think of being inside the womb of the earth.

The root chakra is where the Kundalini serpents lie sleeping, coiled 3 and 1/2 times. When Kundalini awakens, it begins to make changes in you; body mind and spirit, to set you on the path of your life's purpose or destiny. Kundalini is procreative, the wisdom of evolution and so the root chakra is the bridge between our selves and the planet.

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