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Lovingly dedicated to the memory of K-list member Rick Puravs, who assumed his chest pains were a chakra opening, and died of a heart attack.

Trust to Allah, but tie up the camels." -old Arabic expression.

Disclaimer, I am not a medical doctor. Always seek the advice of a physician with any unusual symptoms, especially if they persist.

Many newly awakened folks, especially spontaneously awakened people who do not know what is happening to them, get very frustrated with Medical Doctors who cannot find a cause for their symptoms, and judge them as hypochondriac, or imagining it all. Some become wary of psychiatrists, after being mis diagnosed and put on inappropriate medication for depression or schizophrenia, or anti psychotic medication that does not help much with Kundalini symptoms, and has bad side effects.

It would be illegal, and immoral for me to tell anyone to go off their Doctor prescribed medication or treatment.

Just because Doctors cannot help with Kundalini symptoms, does not mean it is a good idea to stop seeing them. A medical diagnosis is useful, to rule out a physical cause, and just in case there is a physical cause that requires conventional treatment. The hazard of alternative medicine is when people make assumptions that their dis-ease can be cured by waving the magic bones, when they really do need surgery or medication. That pain in your belly, could be a chakra or blockage... but if it is appendicitis, then you could die. Sometimes the experience of surgery itself, can be part of a karmic path, leading to positive life changes.

The visualizations and meditations I offer on this site, often will help with K. symptoms, when medicine cannot... but see a Doctor anyway. If the surrender and visualizations do not give immediate relief, see a Doctor. Alternative healing is a compliment to western medicine, not a total replacement for it.

There have been times, when I have been the vessel of miraculous healings, when traditional medicine has failed. "Incurable" illnesses that vanished overnight, without even leaving behind antibodies to show the person was ever ill. Tumors that disappeared, old injuries that ceased to be troublesome... too many experiences to mention. I am grateful to Goddess for the miracles... but that does not mean I would advise you to give up seeing your MD, or tell you to make an appointment with me instead of your Doctor.

There have also been many times where I could not change the path of someone whose destiny was to die of their illness, or continue to suffer their chronic dis-ease. The most I could do was ease the pain a little, help their transition, or assist shifts of consciousness that made for a more joyous outlook and better quality of life, despite the dis-ease.

Sometimes I do not have Divine consent to heal, the dis-ease has some karmic purpose that I am not to know. Sometimes the grace in suffering of an individual, can be an inspiration to millions, like Terry Fox or Rick Hansen. Some times a near death experience of severe illness, gives someone a new appreciation for the gift of life. We cannot see all the ripples of any event.

I am grateful, for what I can do... which really, is quite a lot, as Goddess wills, and by the grace of Goddess. The astonishing results of my work as the vessel, continue to surprise and delight me... miracles never get boring.

Kundalini has gifted me with amazing health and immune system. I cannot remember the last time I had a cold or flu, or any serious illness, and it does not matter if I am among people who are contagious... but I still take care of myself. I still get regular checkups, and I will take an aspirin if too much time at my computer desk has given me a tension headache that persists.

I often say "Goddess provides"... and that applies to my own good health, the many miracles of healing I have been graced to witness, and it applies to Doctors, aspirin and modern medicine, too.

I hold the personal belief that dis-ease occurs when the body messages are not being heard, so it has to speak louder and louder till illness is the body's last resort for getting attention. I have seen illness disappear, once the body message is heard and accepted. I believe the root cause of illness is emotional and karmic, unreleased and unforgiven emotional baggage held in the energy body, and I have seen extraordinary changes when the blockages have been released... but I have also encountered individuals for whom the issue or message was not clearly understood, until *after* the surgery. The medical intervention, was a part of the unfolding. Goddess moves in mysterious ways.

I admit, I am not a big fan of western medicine... it seems so much of it is to fix what the previous medicine broke, like women who end up on hormones for the rest of their lives because of an un-needed hysterectomy. Overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial products has bred super germs that we have no treatment for. Un necessary prescriptions and surgeries are rampant, statistically.

I know the statistics, I have read the headlines that state:

Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US, Causing 250,000 Deaths Every Year.


The mechanics of western medicine means the sicker you get, the more money your Doctor earns, and that makes for an unconscious motive that contradicts the good intentions of the Hippocratic oath. In ancient China, you paid the Doctor to keep you healthy, and if you get sick the payments stop till you are well again. It makes a whole lot more sense... especially since many people are already making regular payments, in the form of health insurance.

Oddly, a poll of the K-list showed that Kundalites often found that they were healthier and needed less medical care, after they lost or stopped their health insurance. In a way, insurance is placing a bet in favor of believing that you will be sick. Putting your money on the side of misfortune... but I am not suggesting you discontinue making your insurance payments. Just offering some food for thought.

Despite my cynicism, I recognize that present average human life span and the quality of life we enjoy, owes a great debt to science and modern medicine. I am grateful to live in an age where we know so much about the human body, and how to treat or prevent illnesses that killed millions in centuries past. Some people romanticize what it would be like to time travel and live in medieval times, for example. I say, no thanks. Fleas, black plague, and the absence of central heating, indoor plumbing and refrigerators ... yikes.

The things we take for granted, plastic grocery bags, newspaper and electricity, may be environmentally unfriendly and perhaps symptomatic of a decadent, materialistic lifestyle, but their existence still holds a miraculous quality, to me. Human ingenuity is amazing, and all inspiration comes from the Goddess.

Some additional advice:

  • Jungian Psychiatrists tend to know more about Kundalini than other kinds, even if they have not experienced it, themselves. They are usually more open to the idea of "spiritual emergence/emergency" and less likely to assume you are schizophrenic or psychotic.
  • Doctors can be educated. They may not listen to you, but they might pay attention to another Doctor. Giving your MD a copy of Dr. Lee Sanella's book "Kundalini -Psychosis or Transcendence?" has been known to open the minds of some MDs. The book is out of print but you can still order it from If your Doctor won't read it, consider finding one who will.
  • My links page has additional resources for finding associations that can help you locate a K-aware health professional.
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