This whole website, is intended as a support resource for awakened people... we call them "Kundalites", on the K-list.

  • I offer free Shaktipat through the Grounding page. Doing the visualization can awaken Kundalini, as Goddess Wills. It can moderate the process, clear blockages, open chakras and/or simply smooth the flow. You can visit the page anytime. On your first visit, have an open mind. Later, if you visit with an intention of asking for help with a particular problem or issue, Goddess provides.
  • I am retired from public session work, and only available to my Fire Serpent Tantra students. I have trained some of my best grad students to carry on my lineage. They can be contacted professionally for various types of support, Spiritual guidance, Shaktipat, empathic healing, etc.
  • If you are interested in enrolling in a Kundalini Tantra course that is conveniently online, and allows you to study at your own pace, check out Fire Serpent Tantra.
  • If you are looking for the comfort of a community, shared experience and free advice, I suggest you join the K-list. I am very busy, and may not have time to respond to your query, but there are many knowledgable people on the list.
  • You can search the K-list archives. Anything to do with Kundalini, has undoubtedly been discussed on the K-list many times, and from an international variety of viewpoints. The list archives are an amazing resource, but it takes a little bit of patience to sift though the search results to find the information you seek. Search tips are on the search page.
  • The email lists page has information about the K-list, and a listing of the various other kundalini related lists. When the K-list was began back in 1996, it was the only list and website related to kundalini, on the internet. It has inspired many others, since it began.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Always seek the advice of a physician with any unusual symptoms, especially if they persist.


Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
Use the advice contained in this website at your own risk.
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