The Violet Flame.

I have been using the violet flame of Saint Germain for about fifteen years. It goes in and out of fashion with me. It is effective. Saint Germaine is an ascended Master who will assist your clearing, if you call on him. Be sure to thank him afterwards, if you do.

The violet flame technique is on many websites. I decided to post this version by Yvette, instead of writing it up myself. Always happy to give her a link.

Using the violet flame technique

St. Germain's Violet Flame:

Visualize a beautiful violet flame coming from the centre of the earth, through your root chakra up to your crown chakra. See it expanding through your physical body and out to the widest edge of your energy field. See/feel/sense the energy which is not positive or healthy being removed and taken up into the universe where it gets changed/transmuted into pure Divine White Light from God/universe. This Divine White Light then showers down onto you, filling the holes where the energy was removed to feed and nourish your energy and cells into wellness.


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