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Initiations Section Contents.

Various types of Shaktipat and initiations, some are available:

~Serpent Fire Tummo: The Inner Fire. Tummo initations can awaken Kundalini, enhance and smooth the process. Highly Recommended.

Shaktipat: The transmission of Grace from Guru to seeker to awaken or enhance Kundalini, is called Shaktipat.

Opening the Third eye: Shaktipat to open the Third Eye, psychic vision.

The Holy Grail: The fully opened heart chakra turns inside out, and becomes the Holy Grail. "My cup runneth over with Love."

Pagan/Witch: If you have been initiated as a Witch in a past life, it can be good to reaffirm it, in this one.

Undoing past life initiations: In my work, I often find old initiatory symbols impanted in people, that have outlasted their usefullness and become a blockage.

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