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Email The Teacher.

This email direct contact form is closed. In its place, please enjoy the new K-teacher Guestbook/bulletin board forum.

I am taking a long sabbatical from session work, and when the sabbatical ends I will most likely only be available to my Fire Serpent Tantra students. I am training some of my graduate students to take over the public session work.

Something had to give... I'm spread pretty thin! I am grateful for this site's success, but I am also giving up trying to keep up with all the email it gets. I have not really been able to keep up for a few years, now. I get more email than one person can really handle, with managing my email lists, Tantra students and websites. The difficulty with private emails is that some requests for help go un-answered... that is not good either.

So the transition from an overworked one woman show to the beginnings of a lineage are marked with this transition from a private contact form to a community support forum.

Please redirect your questions, thoughts, comments and testimonials to the new Guestbook/bulletin board on this site. I am looking forward to reading your comments, and to growing a new online community of interested visitors.

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