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Sending cash.

In all the years of working online, I have only had a cash payment go missing in the mail, twice. Twice is too many times! On both occasions the envelope was steamed open, the cash removed and the envelope resealed and sent on.

The post office recommends not sending cash, but it is convenient to do so. I will not be responsible if your cash goes missing! Nor is it worth the karma for me to lie about receiving your payment.

Here are some security suggestions, if you are choosing to send cash:

  • Put it into a small package instead of an envelope.
  • ***Tape the package or envelope shut securely, to prevent it being steamed open.***
  • Wrap the currency in a few layers of paper or cardboard.
  • Send it via courier envelope or overnight service.

Send your payment to:

Mystress Angelique Serpent.

74624- 2768 W. Broadway

Kitsilano Postal Outlet.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

V6K 4P4

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