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Deus ex Machina, DIY and Retroactive.

I have been using time travel to erase trauma scars from the past in myself and others for... well, it is time travel so... since before I was born!

For the blessings of peace on earth, one troubled mind at a time during this, second covid winter I offer this gift: How to do it yourself.

Would you trade a trauma scar for an empowering mystical experience? If you are really suffering then I know you will say yes, in a heartbeat and you already know what you want to change.

Many people may experience the same traumatic event but not all develop PTSD. The recipe for a trauma scar requires strong feelings of isolation and helplessness.

There is a hidden part of you, an aspect of your consciousness that is quantum: it is capable of going anywhere in time and space. Many people call this their higher self, quantum self, or spirit. Some consider it an aspect of their subconscious mind.

You can ask this quantum part of yourself, to go back in time to just before the event that caused the scar, and sit with your past self, offering love and wisdom as the event unfolds.

Even if you do not believe you have a higher, quantum self, or call it something else. Even if you feel a scar's effects but do not know what event it came from. What ever you mean by "this hurt" as you think or say:

"To my higher, quantum self: please go back in time to the moment before the event that triggered this hurt, and sit with my past self offering your love, support and wisdom as the event unfolds. Thank you."

It does, and that is what you will remember. A mystical experience of a wise and loving presence supporting you. No trauma scar because you were not alone, not helpless because wisdom empowered you.

Scars gone like they never happened because they never happened, you changed your past. Events remain the same: your personal experience of the event is transformed. You might not even remember making the request for intervention because now there never was any need to fix what did not get broken.

You will remember this method, and you will start getting ideas of what else to apply it to. It might feel like your higher self is requesting permission to do more interventions- memorize my words so you can flow with it, at the speed of thought.

Your quantum self will always and only act in your highest good. If your request is a wrong idea, nothing happens. Leaving the request open-ended: love, support and wisdom, lets your quantum self fill in the details in favour of success.

Your quantum self is/was always with you. You felt alone because you were not aware of it. Consent to be made aware, can be retroactive. Re-setting the past to include a larger truth.

You can ask your higher self to request someone else's higher self do an intervention for their person, if your motive is compassionate. You cannot use it to manipulate people, the higher selves won't go for that. You cannot control what they will/did experience. If you try to tell somebody you fixed them it just sounds crazy because if it worked, then there never was anything to fix.

"Deux ex machina" is a term from ancient Greek theatre. It means "the God Machine" and referred to an actual machine that allowed an actor portraying a God to appear to descend from the sky. In modern times it refers to a writer's plot device of using some miraculous intervention to resolve an insurmountable problem.

"Deux ex machina" your past, for wholeness in your here and now. Change the script. Rewrite the story of your life.

Retroactively schedule miraculous mystical interventions into your own past insurmountable problems.

Copyright Mystress Angelique Serpent.

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