Much gratitude to those cherished few, who freely choose to make love donations in support of my humanitarian work helping people in Kundalini Emergence, whether they benefit from it directly, or not.

Thank you for your support.

Your donations really help to support my volunteer work on this web site and others.

I often respond to donations with a thank you gift of my shakti-charged handmade soap. That is why paypal will ask for your address. If you prefer not to share that information please use the button below.

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Mail address:

Mystress Angelique Serpent.
   74624- 2768 W. Broadway
   Kitsilano Postal Outlet.
   Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
   V6K 4P4

 Please make checks or money orders out to Angelique Serpent. If sending cash be sure it is well wrapped/hidden and seal the envelope with tape to prevent mail theft.

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If you prefer exchange over charity, consider becoming a member of my online Kundalini Tantra course, Fire Serpent Tantra.  

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