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Fire Serpents Some Christian folks get nervous when they see an image of a serpent in flames, assuming it to be Satanic. Not so: the symbol is associated with Kundalini, often depicted as a winged, firey serpent. Serpents are sacred in many world religions and mythologies. The serpent is the oldest symbol for the Earth. This one is a cobra, and the cobra's hood is considered to be its wings. The fire is Kundalini energy, and related to the fire of the Holy Spirit.

My work is all kundalini related, and graced by various logos, images of the Fire Serpent. The Fire Serpent is Kundalini; serpent fire is Kundalini energy. My online Kundalini Tantra course is called Fire Serpent Tantra. The form of Tummo I initiate people is Serpent Fire Tummo.

My legal name is Angelique Fire Serpent... but most people call me Mystress. In several places in the Bible, including Revelations, fiery winged serpents are seraphim; a class of angels. So, as the Angels say, "Fear not!"

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