Mystress is a renowned Shaktipat Master who has been a Mystic since she was a teenager. She has been working with awakening Kundalini and teaching about the process since 1993. It is her talent, to translate esoteric mystical concepts into plain, "pop culture" language that anyone can understand.

Her students like to call her Guru, for her wisdom and the blissful intensity of the spiritual energy she radiates. (Shaktipat) She declines the title, because she feels it is her job to get people in touch with their own, inner guidance and energy, rather than promoting dependence on an external source for Truth and Light.

Past experience as an actor and Improv comedian, make her an entertaining and very enjoyable teacher. She uses comedy, lectures, activities, meditations, and audience participation to create fun, informative, inspiring, and enlightening events.

"Laughter is the nature of Spirit!"

Now planning the European tour!

Mystress will be touring Europe May 15-June 18, offering evening events, weekend Fire Serpent Tantra workshops, and private sessions.
Event planning is being handled by Lori West in England.
Please contact her if you have any questions, or if you want to arrange to have Mystress speak to your group.
Email Lori. Subject- Mystress in Europe.

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Amsterdam May 14-20. 2006

Utrecht, Netherlands. May 20-24, 2006
FST workshop, Utrecht Weekend of May 20/21

London, UK. May 26-June 8, 2006.

Sweden. June 8-18, 2006.
June 10-11 - FST weekend workshop

FST: Fire Serpent Tantra Weekend Workshops

This workshop is like a mini, interactive version of the online Kundalini course, Fire Serpent Tantra. The weekend will be a powerful, life changing experience and a lot of fun!

Topics covered will include:

  • Kundalini awakening through Shaktipat.
  • Grounding: the foundation. Connect to Source for peace, fulfillment and freedom from fear.
  • Divine Beloved: Your twin soul is within you, waiting for you to discover the greatest love affair on earth, the Sacred Marriage.
  • Opening the 3rd eye:Your psychic vision will be opened via Shaktipat, you will be trained to use it, and understand what you see.
  • Creating sacred space. House spells and protecting electronics from spiritual energy.
  • Energy: Types of energy, and the human aura.
  • Entities: Ghosts, thought forms, astral parasites, spirit guides. How to locate them, identify them, clear them, test them.
  • Discernment: Accessing your natural, built in navigation system and truth detector.
  • The Inner Guru: What Gandhi called the "Still small voice, within." The voice of the heart is your guide for life.
  • Boundaries and Power Issues: Human discord, status struggles and power games are all based on the struggle for life energy. Creating win/win situations.
  • The Witness state: Access an emotionless state of spiritual insight where you can see things as they really are, from a higher perspective.
  • Qualities of love... compassion, unconditional love, pity.
  • Karma and surrender: The nature of karma, attachments, and how to identify and release them from yourself. Clearing the emotional baggage from your energy body gives you a more fulfilling, ecstatic life!
  • Empathy: Engaging empathy for greater intimacy and healing, plus advice for the highly sensitive person on how to handle having too much empathy.
  • The Shadow self and how it affects life events.

Click on any of the links, above to read more about that topic.

The weekend outline is slightly flexible, and may be subject to change in the moment depending on the group's needs. Topics will be covered in a lecture format, then explored more fully through paired and group activities, rituals, meditations and visualizations.

Mystress will be available for individual sessions in the days following the event. Workshop attendants will receive a generous discount off her usual session rate of $200./hr.

What graduates have said about Fire Serpent Tantra:

  • Your Fire Serpent Tantra class actually teaches people how to love themselves and each other in ever more deeper and meaningful ways while giving them the terminology to see themselves and self-relate from a fresh perspective. P.
  • MAS embodies a vision. She gave me hope. She taught me about my own power. My human experience on this earth has been so richly enhanced by my exposure to her writings, her thoughts, her beautiful energy and her great love. I am forever grateful. Melissa
  • It's been a remarkable journey and the impression I get is - it's just beginning! Thank you for such an enlightening course. I honour you, Mystress Angelique Serpent and will recommend the course to others. Troy M.
  • To me, Angelique is a shining paradigm of truthful expression. Her advice has helped me significantly in seeing the truth of my own soul -- and in my personal journey of self-discovery. I would highly recommend her to anybody who is desiring to hear the truth as it is...plain and without pretense. Chris S. (California, USA)
  • The things she said, the profoundness of it. And mostly the possibilities she offers to people. Possibilities to shape your world, have more bliss, have a deeper understanding and feel more love. Jasper Buschgens (Netherlands)
  • Thank you for your work. This course has been and continues to be a great source of wisdom and personal insight. Your work has meant a great deal to me. I feel a very deep connection with the Goddess and your perspective and insight has deeply resonated with me. Thank you again for your work in the world. You have inspired me in many ways and I will continue to do my best. Love, Sanford
  • I consider it a unique blessing to have studied this course prepared by "guru" Mistress Angelique serpent. Most of my life I have looked on God as someone above me, outside of me,and male. After your course I see Him-Her as an all pervading energy of the universe asleep within all of us until the day of its awakening. God for me is no longer outside or above but within. Now I have a growing deepening relationship with one I call my Divine Beloved. I learn from your lesson that there is also a male aspect to my being and a good balance is what should be my goal.
    The lessons on grounding have taught me a practical way of making contact with the universal life force. I visualize the energy of the heavens, the sun, the stars ,the very cosmos, streaming into the crown on my head and descending through my chakra system through my feet to the center of the earth then rising again with explosive energy from the base chakra to the crown, cascading over my body to the limits of my aura. This produces for me feelings of well being, joy and deep peace.
    There is so much more I could say about the course and its benefits to me but I trust this will suffice... I love you Mystress Angelique. Paul W.
  • Trying to describe what i’ve learned is a phenomenal task. I can tap into the power of love. I can recognize and hear that still, small heart voice that i’ve been so obviously missing most of my life. Most importantly though, i think, is that i’ve learned to surrender. I’ve learned to be thankful. I’ve learned that as the layers of the onion peel away, Goddess replaces much of what i’ve surrendered with clarity. The FST course has accelerated my growth exponentially. I don’t think i’d be anywhere near this state of awareness w/o it. I have been so incredibly blind. I think i could sum up by saying that learning to focus internally; becoming aware of the divinity within my Self, has been the biggest change brought about by this FST course.Going through this course gave me a view outside the box. Thank you 1000 times over for creating it. Peace, Carla.
  • This course has helped in so many ways. I do not feel ashamed to think for myself and go against the crowd. I know Goddess has plans for me but I can only do that if I am honest and true to myself. A couple years ago I would have been panicing at this point but right now I feel calm yet elated at the same time. Thank you for a wonderful course. Darlene
  • All FST course has helped me to find a little boy I lost in childhood. Now, I live as completely being, as One, as Wholeness. I found a new dimensions of existence, a pure Existence in a world of Light, the golden Lights that fulfills everything and everybody. Now I know what means phrase `making love by existence`, now every act I make is the act of Ritual. The streams of Energy, Light, is running through my body: Sun and Earth are making Love through me. And often I see a Light shining from things and beings. Everything is consisted of It, only outer forms divides them from essence. You helped me a lot to find my personalized Ritual. Now I see how to be, how to Exist in a pure Ecstasy. And my further path is to make these moments of Blessedness more longer, to materialize the words of St. Benedicts Order: "ora et labora", -pray and work. Thank you for all you done to all of us....S. -Croatia.
  • I came to FST when the Serpents of Kundalini were awakened in me and I needed guidance for dealing with and understanding what was happening in my body. I was so excited to find Mystress as my teacher and guide. I had to reevaluate what having a teacher meant. I felt so attached and you forced me to let go. I was and still am somewhat willing to give up my own power to your expertise. You seem to understand so much more than I. I respect your wisdom and I value your input even though I have learned that everything I need to know can only be found within myself. I have gained much understanding. I am a very mental person, I have a strong intelligent mind. I look at this as a gift. I have really enjoyed all the information provided in the lessons.
    I have learned to surrender to the process of Kundalini with no need to understand what it is doing, or why it is doing it. I simply have become the Witness to the process. I meditate each day and let the energies that are unleashed in my body have their way with me. The miracle of the healing that has taken place in my body has been a gift, and a miracle. I am very grateful. I do not understand it all. I simply let it be. I trust that I am where I need to be. There is nothing to do, nothing to be. I simply wrap myself in those Wings of Light and smile. Love, c-light
  • I consider this psycho-spiritual path of Kundalini Tantra as a very systematic journey into the different aspects and levels of my subjective universe. I collected many new, useful and often unexpected experiences. Experiencing consciously this journey helped me to realize that I discovered an inner bridge which can always lead me and take me to the limitless depths and to the limitless sky. H.K.

Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
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