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Below is a list of some of the professional services I offer, a brief explanation of what they involve, and estimates of the time required. Many listings are linked to pages offering more detailed information. A session may combine one or more services.

Details on rates and how to book an appointment, is on the appointments page.

Something simple like a house clearing or soul retrieval, usually takes 1/2 hour. One hour is sufficient for a moderate clearing session, especially if you have a particular blockage in mind. The 90 minute session is most popular. Those who want to book a two hour session usually book a three hour one instead, as the third hour is 1/2 price. Some people cannot handle three hours of energy work. I get a sense of when your body has had as much work as it can handle at one time, and if it poops out before the 3 hours is up, I will book a follow up session for the time remaining, or offer you email support.

  • Kundalini Shaktipat: I no longer offer shaktipat to awaken kundalini. I came to realize that seeking to become awakened when ego wants it, is not the path of surrender. Instead I suggest people practice the Grounding visualization, and your Kundalini will awaken when you have become ripe for it.

    If you are already awakened and seeking a tune up, an hour or two is fine. The Shaktipat itself, does not take long but I prefer to also clear all major blockages and teach you how to handle the process and access the Inner Guru. The Grounding page is charged with Shakti energy. Please consider making a donation in support of my humanitarian work.

  • You can also register for the online course Fire Serpent Tantra. The course combines essays, meditations, realplayer videos with transcripts, and links to related information. FST awakening is gentle and safe via the Grounding visualisation, and the course will teach you how to handle the energy, lead you through the process. There is infinite Shakti energy of information embedded in every lesson, and it is "to each according to their ability to recieve and not more than they can handle" and so the course scales up with more intuitive energy of information being released to the seeker as their experience grows and they evolve. People often visit the same lesson over and over and gain new insights each time.

    Often seekers will sign up for FST, and book an individual session when they are partway through the course. I require FST students to complete the first 20 lessons before getting a session with me, as it is so much more efficient and fun when they already understand how the process works.

  • Serpent Fire Tummo Activations: Clears the path for Kundalini Awakening. The time required varies, but I ask a flat rate. The shortest was 15 minutes but they can take an hour or more, depending on how much clearing needs to be done to prepare the chakras to receive the fire. If your session takes more than an hour, please consider making a donation in support of my humanitarian work.

  • Karmic clearing: This is my regular session. I may use any of the techniques mentioned on this page, those offered elsewhere in this website, and some I have not mentioned. It depends on what I find, and how Goddess directs me. As the karma clearing is done mostly via empathy, you will feel my Shakti while we work. Some find it very blissful, almost intoxicating!

    I like for people to be empowered and become more self sufficient through the work. During the session, I usually explain what I am doing and how, train you to locate and clear blockages yourself. I will pass on whatever other advice or information I intuit that you need, or according to any questions you may have.

    If you are experienced and only seek assistance with a particular blockage, 1/2 hour is enough, but generally I have a one hour minimum. Two hours is better, for a more thorough cleansing. Karma clearing is intense, few people can handle a three hour session, but usually people who seek three hours want to include a soul retrieval, house clearing, higher self negotiation or some other related work.

    I get a sense of when your body has had as much energy work as you can handle. If you book for three hours and your body calls it quits before the end, I will book a follow up session a week later to cover the time remaining, or give you some additional support via email.

  • Opening the Third eye: Minimum, 1/2 hour, but a longer session means I can train you to use it. It should be noted that keeping it open requires peace of mind.

  • Shamanism: I am a Shaman, and it is genetic. I may use some Shamanic techniques in my karma clearing sessions. Shamanism is difficult to define precisely, but it works with nature spirits, dimensions, the underworld, the astral realms, spirits, and psychic perceptions.

    I do not initiate Shamans, that is impossible. Shamans are born, not made... despite what those offering courses on the topic may try to tell you. The path of a Shaman is the most difficult of all the spiritual disciplines. However, it is common for a new Shaman to seek the assistance of a more experienced one. Some folks who think they are Shamans are actually natural witches, magicians, or one of the three types of vampires. Yes there are vampires, psi-vamps are the most common and they make excellent empathic healers.

  • Energy Work.: For me this is a catch all phrase that covers Chi, Tummo fire cleansing, aura clearing, etheric body repair, energy balancing and empathic healing. I have the empathic talent to feel other people's emotional or physical dis-ease in my own body, so I will know what you need. I do not use Reiki, it is not compatable with Kundalini awakening and can cause problems.

  • Emotional Release: Emotions held in the body can lead to illness. Let them out! Sometimes the energy work can lead to a powerful emotional release... sometimes just doing the grounding meditation with the web page can lead to a powerful emotional release! In session, I can usually burn off the emotional energy so the catharisis is gentler.

  • Soul Retrieval: Sometimes, under stress, we give our power away and parts of ourselves get lost. Soul retrieval is especially useful for those who have suffered abuse or who tend to be too detached and have difficulty connecting with their body.

  • Spiritual Guidance: Channeling, psychic guidance, spiritual training. Individual tutoring or assistance with any of the techniques offered on this site. Guidance in resolving and getting insights into personal problems, issues or relationship challenges. I am not a sideshow act. I do not do 1-900 number type "psychic readings" like reading tarot cards, numerology, astrology, love spells, picking lottery numbers, predicting your future, or telling you whom you will marry.

  • House Clearing: Haunted? Ghosts, entities or bad vibes left by previous occupants can be cleared, and your home or workplace shielded from unwanted spirit activity. I also teach you how to create a house spell to protect and cleanse your own space, and how to take it down when you move.

  • Inner Child: The child within us never dies or grows up, and can be the source of lingering trauma feelings from childhood abuse, or everyday events that were experienced as trauma when you were a child. Inner child work often involves me leading you through a visualization ritual to re-parent your inner child by calling on your Higher Self to be its Faerie Godmother, and heal yourself through time.

  • Sacred Marriage: The Unconscious mind is the opposite gender of the body, and unity with this Divine Beloved Soul mate is the greatest romance there is! Introduction to the Divine Beloved, and testing to make sure the being that appears is genuine and not an impostor.

  • Tantra Training: Fire Serpent Tantra is my main online course, but I also teach individuals. Non Sexual.

  • Sexual Healing: Is your sexuality repressed or wounded? I am very open minded and not judgmental. Sexual problems, relationship problems, self esteem or self acceptance issues, sexual abuse history, gender issues, and alternate forms of sexual expression can be discussed, healed, resolved. (No sexual contact.)

  • Testimonials: Comments from people who have experienced a session with me.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. Always seek the advice of a physician with any unusual symptoms, especially if they persist.

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