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The transmission of Grace from Guru to seeker to awaken or enhance Kundalini, is called Shaktipat. Someone with the ability to do this is called a Shaktipat Master. I have been a Shaktipat Master since the mid-1980s.

There are degrees of Shaktipat Mastery. From "oops, I'm contagious, how did that happen?" to "here is your full awakening, all knots pierced and major blockages removed." In 1985 I was the former, now I am the latter... but it always depends on the receptivity of the recipient, and what they can handle.

The title of Shaktipat Master, is a little misleading. I prefer "Mystress" since nobody knows what the heck it means... ;) Nobody really "Masters" Shakti. She does as She pleases, and we just try to stay out of the way. The Shaktipat Master is a vessel for transmission, Goddess is the source.

I wrote to someone on one of my lists, recently:

I do not care for the term "Kundalini Master", because it suggests mastery of Goddess, ... control of it, and that is an ego illusion. One does not Master Kundalini, one steps aside and allows it to do its work through you, as the vessel.

I do accept the title of Shaktipat Master... which at one end of the spectrum, simply means that one's Kundalini is contagious. In that way, I have been a Shaktipat Master since around 1985... even though I did not even know to call it that, then. I just noticed that sometimes when I taught grounding to someone, they changed remarkably, in a positive and lasting way. Probably, I was sparking top-down awakenings... spiritual awakening, heart chakra openings.

Even so, at this time I consider simply being contagious, to be much less than Mastery. Almost, irresponsible. Getting K to spark the root chakra is not so difficult, but granting shaktipat in a way that will lead to a smooth and full awakening in a fairly short time is the true meaning of the term. It took me another 12 years to get to a place where I could do, as I did with you... locate the blockages that were giving you paranoid attacks and teach you to release them and surrender to the energy, while enhancing the process with the Shakti I am vessel of. Where two or more are gathered...

Even so, as H. commented, I have a light hand. I do not like people to become dependent on me. I'd rather they depend on themselves, trust themselves.

There is some debate about awakening via Shaktipat versus spontaneous or self-awakening. I think Shaktipat is better. A good Shaktipat Master can clear blockages that could take a lot more time and discomfort to work out, yourself. You can choose to receive Shaktipat if you are already awakened, whether by a Master or spontaneously. Shaktipat can enhance the Kundalini process.

There are several ways to receive Shaktipat from me:

1.) I have been the vessel of awakening for a lot of folks whom I never heard from again, even a ton of folks I never met, who were awakened through the grounding site. Goddess has it handled. Goddess guided me to build it, and I gave it up to Her... and She has it handled and won't let me conceptualize about it, any ideas of my brain are bound to be limitations on somebody's experience. I do know some folks have felt the Shakti as soon as they clicked on the link, before the page had even downloaded... even a skeptic who did not believe Shakti could be sent through internet. Shaktipat via the grounding site is free, and you can visit as many times as you like!

2.) Shaktipat via a session one-on-one is nice, personal and you can ask questions. When I grant shaktipat one- on one, I prepare the path... clearing any major blockages, untangling the knots. Usually the result is the Shakti energy reaching the crown chakra within hours, sometimes within minutes. Distance does not matter, sessions can be by phone, internet chat or email. Phone is my preference.

Shaktipat is not "instant enlightenment", because the consciousness could not handle such radical changes, like the Chinese curse, "May you clear all your karma by next week and become enlightened"... most people could not handle it all coming up so quickly, they would be insane or dead... but Shaktipat does make for a smoother process. My Shaktipat tends to be gentle, "To each according to their need and ability to receive, and not more than they can handle".

My session rates are $200. cdn per hour, or three hours for $500.cdn. Ideally, when granting Shaktipat, I like to spend about 3 hours with the seeker, giving them all the basic tools they need to handle the process. Teaching them grounding, surrender, and how to hear the heart voice... plus whatever else I am guided to share. Then they have the basic skills to handle the process on their own. The inner Guru takes over. I like to make people independent, I do not like for people to be dependent on me for too long, though I am very patient with slow learners. I simply find that the sooner they are connecting with Goddess within themselves directly, the better.

3.) Initiation into Serpent Fire Tummo is a wonderful way to be awakened, and it can really enhance and smooth the process for those who are awakened already. I ask a $125.usd love donation for Tummo initiation, it usually takes 20 minutes to an hour.

I recommend that recipients register for Fire Serpent Tantra afterwards, to get more training on how to handle the awakening process. Fire Serpent Tantra is only $150. usd for a one year membership, and it includes 60 lessons, several hours of videos, and support via the members only bulletin board. The graduation of the course is the Holy Grail initiation.

Comments from a devotee:

Mystress's grounding page is "shaktipat charged"...besides the benefit you are getting from the meditation alone, you are experiencing the power of shakti from a contact with Mystress Angelique...she is an extremely powerful magical being and a shaktipat with her energy can lead to powerful spiritual experiences, ... her voice has become a presence within me...

if you are really wishing for more of the experience that you get from Mystress's page in addition to doing the grounding exercise, you may be able to open an inner dialogue with her...i hear her voice guiding me from within myself, and she has also taught me to ascertain the true voice of my higher self in obtaining inner guidance...i believe that this type of inner contact with her is possible even without becoming her slave, although probably not to the extrteme level of intensity that i feel...

i suspect that she may have something to add to what i've just told you... lovingly,

john Percyval

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