Opening The Third Eye.

On this website, are several exercises to open the Third eye of psychic perception, or you can simply have it opened by via third eye Shaktipat. If you are getting initiation into Serpent Fire Tummo, or a three hour Shaktipat session, third eye Shaktipat is included but training you to use it is not.

If you want just the Shaktipat for the third eye, minimum session rate is $125. cdn, and it takes 1/2 hour, including training on how to use your new ability. It comes with no guarantees. The degree to which an individual can open and learn is variable. Some people simply are not visual.  Keeping your third eye open is dependent on maintaining a positive attitude and I have no control over that.  I charge for my time.

I also sometimes spontaneously do third eye openings as part of my group chat session classes.

I have retired from public session work and am only available for sessions with my Fire Serpent Tantra students, but my Lineage healers carry on.


Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
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