First Degree Witch Initiations.

I am a High Priestess, a third degree Witch of an ancient lineage. Horsa-Epona, descended from the Ancient Celts who worshipped the Goddess in the form of a mare.

Occasionally I meet people who were initiated as a Witch, in a past life, and sometimes it can be beneficial to them to be re-initiated in this life, to bring the body into alignment with the mind and spirit. Such folks do not need to be trained as a Witch, the magic is in them, the instincts remain. The spirits, the ancestors of the lineage will show up to support them.

I do not charge to initate someone as a First degree Witch, but I am very selective about who I will initiate. If I do not feel you meet the above criteria, likely you would be better off finding a local Priest-ess who will initiate you after the usual First degree training.


Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
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